Freeride or All Mountain Riding Style

This is the soul of snowboarding. Freeriding is all about using the mountain's natural undulations and obstacles to get air and do tricks, or just simply cruise around. While an overused term in snowboarding, freeride is still the best way to describe the majority of snowboarders and soon-to-be snowboarders. As it suggests, freeride describes a user who intends to utilize the whole mountain. These riders enjoy everything about snowboarding: the amazing feel of carving a turn on freshly groomed slopes, the sense of flight obtained at lift-off from the big-air jump, the creativity that can only be understood descending the half-pipe, and the feel of freedom one gets floating in fresh powder. Utopia is doing this in backcountry powder snow where it is a truly spiritual experience, however it is still unimaginably good fun on groomed runs.

FreeRide All Mountain Snowboard Characteristics

The most popular type of board, accounting for half of all snowboard sales. This is the go-anywhere, do-anything board that bridges the gap between freestyle riding and alpine carving. Both ends of the board are turned up for riding switch (can lead with either foot), floating through powder and performing freestyle maneuvers. These boards are usually soft and maneuverable enough for beginners, but stiff enough to hold a fast turn in hard snow. Not as stable as a carving board, not as agile as a freestyle board. This board is designed for boarders who want to ride the whole mountain including the park and pipe.

Freeride boards can be found at every price point from all snowboard manufacturers Each board has a unique characteristic which is a derivative of its: construction technique and materials, shape, flex pattern, size, and graphics For the most part, there isn't a "bad" board on the market. Even the least expensive board produced today can out-perform the "signature" series boards of just 5 years ago This is the best type of board to learn on and can be used anywhere on the mountain.

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