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Winter X Games 10 - Snowboarding Results

Aspen, Colorado. (December 2005 - January 2006)

Shaun White and Janna Meyen Make Winter X Games History
The action was heated in this year's Winter X Games. Both Shaun White and Janna Meyen had 4-Peat victories (Gold medal, 4 years in a row) in Slopestyle. Many of the female Olympians decided to bow out of SuperPipe and Boarder X rather than risk injury with the Torino Games just a few weeks away. Nevertheless, there was plenty of top-notch riding and the skill level continues to climb off the charts. Here are the complete snowboarding results from Winter X Games 10 in Aspen, CO.

Men's Snowboard SuperPipe

1. Shaun White (USA)
2. Mason Aguirre (USA)
3. Scotty Lago (USA)
4. Risto Mattila (FIN)
5. Louie Vito (USA)
6. Antti Autti (FIN)
7. J.J. Thomas (USA)
8. Mike Goldschmidt (USA)
9. Luke Wynen (USA)
10. Danny Kass (USA)

Women's Snowboard SuperPipe

1. Kelly Clark (USA)
2. Torah Bright (AUS)
3. Soko Yamaoka (JPN)
4. Clair Bidez (USA)
5. Shiho Nakashima (JPN)
6. Tricia Byrnes (USA)
7. Mercedes Nicoll (CAN)
8. Molly Aguirre (USA)
9. Andrea Schuler (SUI)
10. Junko Asazuma (JPN)

Men's Slopestyle

1. Shaun White (USA)
2. Andreas Wiig (NOR)
3. Danny Kass (USA)
4. Eddie Wall (USA)
5. Wyatt Caldwell (USA)
6. Chad Otterstrom (USA)
7. Eero Niemela (FIN)
8. Pat Moore (USA)
9. Travis Rice (USA)
10. John Jackson (USA)

Women's Slopestyle

1. Janna Meyen (USA)
2. Hana Beaman (USA)
3. Jamie Anderson (USA)
4. Erin Comstock (USA)
5. Chanelle Sladics (USA)
6. Natasza Zurek (CAN)
7. Priscilla Levac (CAN)
8. Marie-France Roy (CAN)
9. Cheryl Maas (NED)
10. Silvia Mittermueller (GER)

Men's Snowboarder X

1. Nate Holland (USA)
2. Marco Huser (SUI)
3. Jayson Hale (USA)
4. Seth Wescott (USA)
5. Drew Neilson (CAN)
6. Mario Fuchs (AUT)

Women's Snowboarder X

1. Maelle Ricker (CAN)
2. Joanie Anderson (USA)
3. Claudia Haeusermann (SUI)
4. Sandra Frei (SUI)
5. Marni Yamada (USA)
6. Erin Simmons (CAN)