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Volcom Escramble Premiere in Costa Mesa

A great combo of quality snowboarders to go along with some creative camera work makes Escramble a hit! A must see snowboard movie for this year! Billy Anderson and crew at Volcom hosted a pretty big get together last night (8/26/06) to show the premier of Escramble, A new snowboard movie for this season. The Volcom crew has put a lot of hard work and heart into this movie, and it payed off. Volcom had the drinks flowing all night by some beautiful girls, the Volcom RV was set up at the entrance of the event and there was ginormous screens set up all around to watch the movie. After the movie a band by the name of Valient Thor set up shop to rock out. This premier attracted a lot of people and it was great to see everyone having a good time.

Check out The Escramble Tour
North America Premieres: All events are all ages and free
8/26 Seattle, WA - Nemos
8/26 Sacramento - Empire
8/27 St. Cloud, MN - The Paramount Theater
8/27 Somerville, MA - Somerville Theater
8/30 Vancouver, BC - 5th Ave Cinemas
8/31 Philadelphia, PA - Ritz at the Bourse Theater
8/31 Montreal, QC - Empire (Boucherville)
9/1 Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theater
9/1 NYC, NY - Tribeca Theater
9/1 Toronto/Collingwood, ON - Fathom Boardshop
9/1 Denver, CO - Bluebird Theater - (ASG performing LIVE)

European Premieres
8/26 Munich, Germany - Skate Hall
8/26 Prague, Czech Republic - Mystic Skatepark
8/31 Stockholm, Sweden - KGB Bar
8/31 Zurich, Switzerland - Cinema Riff Raff
8/31 Trondheim, Norway - Bar Circus
8/31 Leicester, UK - Magic Toast
8/31 Antwerp, Belgium - Capital
9/1 Rothis (Vorarlberg), Austria - K-Shake
9/1 Riga, Latvia - Andrejsala
9/1 Barcelona, Spain - City Hall
9/2 Milan, Italy - Rolling Stone
9/2 Copenhagen, Denmark - Fliesen Bar
9/2 Amsterdam, Holland - Club Bitterzoet
9/2 Hossegor, France - Creme Cafe