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Freeride-Days - "1st European Snowboard Freeride Test"


In the fact that the Freeride and Hikers Section in case of snowboarding stands in the back and boards and gear for Freeriders and Hikers are rare to find on the big testevents and the possibility to get a testride on freeride, split- and longboards generally gets more and more background, ProRider Ralph Castelberg (Initiator ) decided to organize the first European Snowboard Freeride Test called the Freeride-Days, upcoming January in Davos.


Date: 26. - 28. January 2007
26. January (Friday) Arival + ComeTogetherParty (20:00- 03:00, Location tbc)
27. January (Saturday) Test + Freerider's Party (20:00 - open end, Location tbc)
28. January (Sunday) Test

(TBC = to be confirmed)

All Testriders will get a special price for the Pischa Freeride Mountain Lifttickets: 27 SFr. instead of 47 SFr

Top of Pischa Freeride Mountain - Davos/Switzerland


Rad-Air Snowboards
Völkl Snowboards
Arbor Snowboards
Voilé Splitboards
Dupraz Snowboards
Jester Snowboards
Pogo Snowboards

Amplid Snowboards
Radical Snowboards
Deeluxe Custom Snowboarding - Snwoboard Boots
and many more.
More information soon to come on