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The Ride Team Visits Windells Snowboard Camp
At MT. Hood, Oregon

Summit at Snoqualmie & Lib Tech Snowboards present the Holy Oly

MT. Hood, Oregon- Most of you should be full swing ahead as far as summer is concerned by now ... it's been hotter than you know what just about everywhere lately! But that hasn't slowed the glacier down at Mt. Hood, Oregon. Catch up with the Ride Team in this issue as they spent some time at Windells Snowboard Camp with the campers.

And have you seen or heard the latest?!? Not only is Ride's very own Mikey LeBlanc gracing the cover of TransWorld Snowboarding's 20th Anniversary September Issue, but he also just joined the Ride Binding Team - Ride welcomes Mikey with a great big hooray! Find out what he thinks of Ride's Aluminum Binding Technology in comparison to others right inside this latest issue of the Ride Chronicles.
And what's all the hype you've been hearing about Ride's latest Slimewall™ board technology? Read on to get down and dirty with it...

Until September, enjoy the rest of your summer ... or winter for our friends south of the equator!

Yours truly,