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Nitro Prime Edge Snowboard - Wide

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Nitro Prime Edge Snowboard - Wide: When most companies say 'entry-level board', what they really mean is 'crappy board made with cheap materials.' But the Nitro Prime Edge Wide Snowboard is an exception. It has a flat profile, a lightw...

Jones Snowboards Mountain Twin Snowboard

Jones Snowboards Mountain Twin Snowboard: We hear a lot about all-mountain freestyle boards, but the Jones Mountain Twin snowboard makes most of them look like glorified firewood. This directional twin has a setback stance and a directional f...

Ride Machete Snowboard

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Ride Machete Snowboard: The Ride Machete Snowboard's poppy feel, versatile shape and flex, and stable yet fun ride add up to create an all-mountain freestyle ride that will take you from park laps to pow runs and everywhere ...

Capita Micro-Scope Snowboard - Kids'

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Capita Micro-Scope Snowboard - Kids': Just like full-sized Capita freestyle decks, the Capita Kids' Micro-Scope Snowboard features a hybrid rocker/flat camber profile and WDT Engineered Jib Core that allow young riders to learn turns and ...

Ride Blush Snowboard - Girls'

Ride Blush Snowboard - Girls': Sledding, building snowmen, and snowball fights are fun, but the Girls' Blush Snowboard will open up a whole new world of wintertime fun for your little snow queen. Ride's LowRize rocker profile, soft...

Nitro Pantera Snowboard

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Nitro Pantera Snowboard: Every snowboard manufacturer is experimenting with different camber profiles. There are a million different cambers, rockers, and hybrids out there, and it's easy to become confused. If you're looking...

Gnu Billy Goat C3 BTX Snowboard

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Gnu Billy Goat C3 BTX Snowboard: In the steep slopes, in the trees, a mutant-beast dwellsthe Gnu Billy Goat C2-BTX Snowboard. This snarling all-mountain animal foams at the mouth when it spots steep terrain populated with pillow line...

Capita Outdoor Living Snowboard

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Capita Outdoor Living Snowboard: The Capita Outdoor Living Snowboard creeps through the night, preying on the innocent souls foolish enough to follow it into dark alleys. The only way to stop it is to drive a wooden stake directly th...

K2 Snowboards Ultra Dream Snowboard - Wide

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K2 Snowboards Ultra Dream Snowboard - Wide: The dream you had that one time about scoring with your hot freshman English teacher was nothing compared to the K2 Ultra Dream Wide Snowboard. That's because while you wouldn't have had a clue what t...

Lib Technologies Darker Series C3 BTX Snowboard

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Lib Technologies Darker Series C3 BTX Snowboard: If you're an aggressive, powerful rider, odds are you've either ridden or heard about the Dark Series; Lib Tech just gave it an update in the form of the Darker Series C3 BTX snowboard. It uses Lib's ...

Bataleon Airobic Snowboard

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Bataleon Airobic Snowboard: If you've been watching the Mt. Hood summer camp edits, then your jaw probably hit the floor every time Jaeger Bailey showed up on the screen on his Bataleon Airobic Snowboard. That's because with its...

Rome Garage Rocker Snowboard

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Rome Garage Rocker Snowboard: Do you want a board that crushes inside the park and out, and won't completely drain your bank account Does your definition of 'park features' include rails, boxes, logs, pillows, wall hits, bonks, bo...

Capita Horrorscope FK Snowboard

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Capita Horrorscope FK Snowboard: Tune your third eye into the freestyle-terrain telepathy bestowed upon you by the Capita Horrorscope FK Snowboard. The board's Urban FK profile possesses intuitive park and street capabilities, courte...

Capita Charlie Slasher FK Snowboard

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Capita Charlie Slasher FK Snowboard: The Capita Charlie Slasher FK snowboard is a mythical beast, prowling resorts and backcountry stashes looking for its next heaping serving of that fluffy white. With a directional, setback stance and ...

Capita Outdoor Living Snowboard

Capita Outdoor Living Snowboard: While the indoor kids waste away playing video games, you're out every day on the Capita Outdoor Living Snowboard enjoying the good life. Whether you're sending jumps in the park, hitting rails in the...

Flow Micron Shifty - Boys'

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Flow Micron Shifty - Boys': For the aspiring park rat, the Flow Micron Shifty Boys' Snowboard delivers the pop and flex needed to take his riding to the next level....

Lib Technologies C2-BTX Snow Skate - Ski Only

Lib Technologies C2-BTX Snow Skate - Ski Only: Snow skating is insanely fun, and the guys at Lib Tech know more about it than pretty much anyone. Whether you're looking to build your own setup, or you have a snow skate that needs some fine-tuning,...

Bataleon Fun.Kink Snowboard - Wide

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Bataleon Fun.Kink Snowboard - Wide: The Bataleon Fun.Kink Wide snowboard is made for guys with big feet who like to get a good look at the mountain from the air. The Fun.Kink carves like an all-mountain board, flexes like a jib board, a...

Slash Paxson Snowboard

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Slash Paxson Snowboard: Johnnie Paxson is known for his skills in the streets, but he always slays it no matter what he's riding. That's why his Slash Paxson Snowboard has a jib-focused design that can hold its own anywhere ...

Never Summer Infinity Snowboard - Womens

Never Summer Infinity Snowboard - Womens: The Infinity Snowboard utilizes the same tasty platter of technology as Never Summer's best-selling SLbut with a width, shape, and flex pattern specifically tuned to the needs of female freestyle ride...