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Buy Nomis Daze Insulated Jacket - Women's

Nomis Daze Insulated Jacket - Women's

Retail Price $279.95
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Nomis Daze Insulated Jacket - Women's Specs

Product NameSale PriceMerchant Name
Nomis Stacy Insulated Jacket - Women's$
Nomis Stacy Insulated Jacket - Women's$
Nomis Asym Insulated Snowboard Jacket Black Plaid/Pansy/Cherry Tomato$
Nomis Touch Insulated Snowboard Jacket (Men's)$119.99Peter Glenn Ski & Sports

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Nomis Daze Insulated Jacket - Women's

- Retail Price $279.95

Long, lean, and warm, the Nomis Women's Daze Insulated Jacket makes all but the nastiest storm days feel like a holiday in Bali. Faux fur tastefully adorns the hood for a little bit of knockout style, and waterproof breathable fabric brings ample weather protection so you stay dry amidst soggy conditions. Zip up the Daze jacket, point yourself at the park, and keeping lapping jumps long after everyone else calls it quits.

Model Year: 2011
Sizes: M, L, XL, XS, S
Colors: Raw Canvas, Black, Deep Lake Print, Olivina Print, Mint Julip, Crown Jewel Print, Cherry Tomato
UPC's: 883987566512, 883987566529, 883987566185, 883987566154, 883987566161, 883987566437, 883987566406, 883987566499, 883987566505, 883987566444, 883987566451, 883987566468, 883987566383, 883987566390, 883987566192, 883987566208, 883987566215, 883987566222, 883987566130, 883987566147
SKU's: 1151002-RCV-M, 1151002-RCV-L, 1151002-BLK-XL, 1151002-DLP-XS, 1151002-DLP-XL, 1151002-BLK-M, 1151002-BLK-L, 1151002-OPR-XS, 1151002-OPR-XL, 1151002-MJL-XS, 1151002-MJL-L, 1151002-DLP-S, 1151002-CJP-XS, 1151002-RCV-XS, 1151002-RCV-XL, 1151002-RCV-S, 1151002-OPR-S, 1151002-OPR-M, 1151002-OPR-L, 1151002-MJL-XL, 1151002-MJL-S, 1151002-MJL-M, 1151002-DLP-M, 1151002-DLP-L, 1151002-CJP-XL, 1151002-CJP-S, 1151002-CJP-M, 1151002-CJP-L, 1151002-CTO-XS, 1151002-CTO-XL, 1151002-CTO-S, 1151002-CTO-M, 1151002-CTO-L, 1151002-BLK-XS, 1151002-BLK-S