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Buy L1TA Mila Parka - Women's

L1TA Mila Parka - Women's

Retail Price $239.95
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L1TA Tamaryn Parka - Women's$
L1TA Tamaryn Parka - Women's$

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L1TA Mila Parka - Women's

- Retail Price $239.95

Unique vintage styling elevates the L1TA Women's Mila Parka from just another insulated shred jacket, to art bred for action. Pro shredders Darrah Reid-McLean and Stephanie Vollmer inspired the design. And with 10k-rated waterproof-and-breathable fabric and a touch of synthetic insulation, you can show off this little beauty come bluebird skies, or storm-day gnarliness.

Model Year: 2011
Sizes: XS, S, M, L
Colors: Poison Berry, Black, Autumn
UPC's: 885315058324, 885315058331, 885315058348, 885315058355, 885315058454, 885315058461, 885315058287, 885315058294, 885315058300, 885315058317, 885315058478, 885315058447
SKU's: L1TA-101-11-PBY-XS, L1TA-101-11-PBY-S, L1TA-101-11-PBY-M, L1TA-101-11-PBY-L, L1TA-101-11-BLK-S, L1TA-101-11-BLK-M, L1TA-101-11-AUT-XS, L1TA-101-11-AUT-S, L1TA-101-11-AUT-M, L1TA-101-11-AUT-L, L1TA-101-11-BLK-L, L1TA-101-11-BLK-XS