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Buy L1TA Dresden Jacket - Women's

L1TA Dresden Jacket - Women's

Retail Price $199.95
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L1TA Dresden Jacket - Women's Specs

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L1TA Dresden Jacket - Women's$
L1TA Dresden Jacket - Women's$

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L1TA Dresden Jacket - Women's

- Retail Price $199.95

This season is all about you, the L1TA Dresden Jacket, bluebird weather, and the park and pipe. When storms roll in and you don't want to chill in the lodge, slide a weatherproof shell over this jacket and keep shredding.

Model Year: 2011
Sizes: XS, M, L, S
Colors: Pine, Spray Dye Flannel, Black
UPC's: 885315058683, 885315058782, 885315058799, 885315058690, 885315058706, 885315058713, 885315058720, 885315058737, 885315058751, 885315058744, 885315058775, 885315058768
SKU's: L1TA-103-11-PIN-XS, L1TA-103-11-SDF-M, L1TA-103-11-SDF-L, L1TA-103-11-PIN-S, L1TA-103-11-PIN-M, L1TA-103-11-PIN-L, L1TA-103-11-BLK-XS, L1TA-103-11-BLK-S, L1TA-103-11-BLK-L, L1TA-103-11-BLK-M, L1TA-103-11-SDF-S, L1TA-103-11-SDF-XS