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Foursquare Crush Jacket - Womens

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Foursquare Crush Jacket - Womens: Take the edge off the nastiest days of winter with the Foursquare Women's Crush Jacket. A waterproof breathable shell and strategically placed synthetic insulation take care of you all season so you c...

Roxy Step It Up Softshell Jacket - Womens

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Roxy Step It Up Softshell Jacket - Womens: Enjoy a gorgeous bluebird day on the slopes or around town when you wear the Roxy Women's Step It Up Softshell Jacket. Equipped with WindStopper three-layer fabric, the Step It Up stops the wind in it...

Nikita Askja Down Jacket - Womens

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Nikita Askja Down Jacket - Womens: Your main concerns when you're snowboarding are staying warm and looking good. The Nikita Women's Askja Down Jacket fulfills both of those needs with lightweight down insulation and a stylish slim fit...

O'Neill Explore Northern Lights Jacket - Womens

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O'Neill Explore Northern Lights Jacket - Womens: Slide your resort pass in the O'Neill Women's Explore Northern Light Jacket's lift pass pocket, strap your boots to your board, and make your way towards the lift line. It's a stellar bluebird day and...

Pendleton Juneau Vest - Womens

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Pendleton Juneau Vest - Womens: The Pendleton Women's Juneau Vest is so much more than it's name would lead you to expect. Long, lean lines and elegant tailoring let you wear this vest so many ways: with skinny jeans and flats, legg...

Volcom Panorama Insulated Jacket - Womens

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Volcom Panorama Insulated Jacket - Womens: When your paycheck doesn't go too far but you need a quality snowboard jacket for winter, turn to the Volcom Women's Panorama Insulated Jacket. Equipped with V-Science fabric and taped critical seams,...

L1TA Sienna Jacket - Womens

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L1TA Sienna Jacket - Womens: The peacoat-inspired L1TA Sienna jacket keeps you warm and kicking it in style on all but the coldest resort days. The waterproof/breathable fabric will shrug off heavy precip to keep you dry and toas...

O'Neill Freedom Nobility Jacket - Womens

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O'Neill Freedom Nobility Jacket - Womens: With the sun's rays beaming down, you unzip the underarm vents of the O'Neill Women's Freedom Nobility Jacket while you ride the chairlift. Made with weather-resistant fabric and taped critical seams,...

Billabong Flying Chance Jacket - Womens

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Billabong Flying Chance Jacket - Womens: Billabong Flying Chance Jacket - Women's(0x2aca573084a0)...

L1TA Adriana Jacket - Womens

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L1TA Adriana Jacket - Womens: You want great style because you don't necessarily want to look like you're on your way home from snowboarding when you're actually on your way to a date, but you really don't want to have to get a di...

Burton 2L Anthem Jacket - Womens

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Burton 2L Anthem Jacket - Womens: Hold the elements at bay with the Burton Women's 2L Anthem Jacket. The Anthem provides protection and style without completely eviscerating your wallet, so you can afford to stay dry and eat at the sa...

Nomis Klassy Jacket - Womens

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Nomis Klassy Jacket - Womens: Nomis built the Women's Klassy Long Jacket tough enough to hammer day-after-day on your board, then gave it enough style to stroll elegantly up and down the finest streets in Norway, Alaska, and Siber...

Volcom Leo Softshell Jacket - Womens

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Volcom Leo Softshell Jacket - Womens: A Leo loves being center stage, and so does the Volcom Women's Leo Softshell Jacket. Its shiny quilted front, bright contrast front zipper, and decorative inner lining all scream, "look at me!" But lo...

Billabong Mademoiselle Jacket - Womens

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Billabong Mademoiselle Jacket - Womens: Show off your playful side at the ski resort this winter with the youthful Billabong Women's Mademoiselle Jacket. Not only does this jacket have a trendsetting style, but it also comes with a heavy tw...

DC Fuse 14 Jacket - Womens

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DC Fuse 14 Jacket - Womens: Drop bombs in the park and light up the slopes in the DC Fuse 14 Women's Snowboard Jacket. The durable midweight twill fabric will hold up to abuse from falls and keep you dry, and 80g insulation adds...

Nixon Satisfaction II Jacket - Womens

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Nixon Satisfaction II Jacket - Womens: Go for a guilt-free leather look in the Nixon Satisfaction II Women's Jacket. The faux leather shell has the look and feel of leather without the price tag and the crushing guilt, and the plush acetat...

Airblaster Nicolette Jacket - Womens

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Airblaster Nicolette Jacket - Womens: Ready to show the guys your riding skill Take the Airblaster Nicolette Jacket with you for waterproof, fully-taped protection. The 100g insulation will keep you nice and toasty while you give the boys...

Betty Rides Acid Wash Govy Jacket - Womens

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Betty Rides Acid Wash Govy Jacket - Womens: Moto details like wide cuffs and hems and a liberal use of metallic studs rough up the look of the Betty Rides Acid Wash Govy Jacket. But under this jacket's long, lean, and mean lines there lurks a ...

Ride Brighton Insulated Jacket - Womens

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Ride Brighton Insulated Jacket - Womens: Few resorts have the a history as storied as Brighton, and over the course of a season you'll get everything from bluebird sunshine to socked-in snowstorms. So it's no surprise that the Ride Brighton ...