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Pom-Pom Slush Rush Board Bom Wax

Save 60%


Pom-Pom Slush Rush Board Bom Wax: If you're finding yourself left behind on the flats or hill this spring, try rubbing on some Pom-Pom Slush Rush Board Bom Wax. This earth-friendly, super-scented, soy based wax easily rubs on your boa...

OneBallJay BioGreen Hot Wax

Save 31%


OneBallJay BioGreen Hot Wax: Worried that your current board wax is out of tune with Mother Earth Soy-based One Ball Jay Bio Green Hot Wax helps you go fast in good conscience. We've never thought about it too hard before now, bu...

Burton Rub-Down Wax

Save 48%


Burton Rub-Down Wax: Give your board some much needed TLC before you ride with the Burton Rub-Down Wax....

DAKINE Mini Edge Tuner

Save 4%


DAKINE Mini Edge Tuner: The DAKINE Mini Edge Tuner was designed specifically to sharpen snowboards with Magnetraction edges....

Demon Snow Wax

Save 20%


Demon Snow Wax: You have to take care of your boards if you want them to take care of you. Demon Snow Wax keeps your babies fast so you don't have to worry about getting shown up in the park by some kook in a foam dr...

Burton Fluoro Comp Wax - All Temp

Save 50%


Burton Fluoro Comp Wax - All Temp: The Burton All Temp Fluoro Comp Wax features extra fluoro power to keep your shred-sled ready to go all season long. Sintered bases need regular waxing - show your board some love and it'll repay you ...

Volcom V.Co T Driver

Save 60%


Volcom V.Co T Driver: The Volcom V.Co T Driver gives you more power where you need it with a rubber T-handle....

Burton EST Tool

Burton EST Tool: The Burton EST Tool includes Phillips #2 and #3 screwdrivers, a bottle opener, and an Infinite Channel System Plug Pick for your ICS board. Burton designed this pocket tool so you can operate it with ...

OneBallJay Black Magic Graphite Bar

Save 20%


OneBallJay Black Magic Graphite Bar: When snow is cold, it causes friction, and you don't shred as fast as you need to. Add the OneBallJay Graphite to your next hot wax application if the prediction calls for bitter cold temps....

DAKINE Metal Scraper

Save 10%


DAKINE Metal Scraper: The DAKINE Metal Scraper is what professionals working is shop basements everywhere use to get excess p-tex and base-weld off the base of the board quickly and effectively....

DAKINE Supertune Base Cleaner - 6oz

Save 40%


DAKINE Supertune Base Cleaner - 6oz: When the base of your deck has been riding dirty a little too long, treat it to a little of DAKINE's Supertune Base Cleaner. A blend of highly concentrated citrus oils removes old wax, dirt, and other...

DAKINE Pocket Stone

Save 20%


DAKINE Pocket Stone: Unlike the Blarney Stone, the DAKINE Pocket Stone isn't really lucky, but it will detune razor-sharp contact points and smooth out the minor burrs and dings along the edges of your snowboard....