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Buy Stepchild Snowboards JibStick Snowboard with RETT

Stepchild Snowboards JibStick Snowboard with RETT

Retail Price $398.95

Stepchild Snowboards JibStick Snowboard with RETT Specs

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Stepchild Jibstick Reverse Camber +Rett Snowboard$

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Stepchild Snowboards JibStick Snowboard with RETT

- Retail Price $398.95

Ready for sliding the heaviest street rails and park jibs right out of the box, the Stepchild JibStick Snowboard features Round Edge Tapered Tuning (RETT), allowing for catch-free grinding without detuning. RETT detunes the edges between the bindings which are most likely to catch when you're boardsliding rails and jibs; this leaves the outer tip and tail contact points sharp for carving and turning. Jib extraordinaires Darrel Mathes and JP Walker use this rail-slaying beast when embarking on urban missions and messing around the terrain park. A mellow reverse camber profile aides your pressin' and buttering abilities with a catch-free and playful feel. Extremely lightweight, poppy, and strong, a Kicker II core features tip-to-tail poplar with beech along the rails for increased edge hold. The combination of poplar and beech grants low-speed playfulness for park laps with high-speed stability needed for sketchy rail run-ins and resort cruising. Armadillo plates give breakage-prone binding areas extra strength for gaping onto rails and absorbing hard landings. Park Formula urethane sidewalls absorb chatter and rough landings with a soft urethane material that's used in skateboard wheels for dampening and shock absorption. Adding even more jib-friendly durability to the mix, a SnagFree base is hard, strong, and easy to maintain, allowing you to grind, slash, and launch onto urban and park obstacles without prematurely destroying your base. Skate artist FOS designed this board with a special Chi edition of his Toxic Mutilation series for wild looks and bold flavor when cruising the slopes. As founder and lead artist for Heroin Skateboards and art director for Altamont Apparel, FOS has been intimately involved with the skateboard world since his early teens and proudly presents his first Stepchild graphic.

Model Year: 2014
Sizes: 156cm, 144cm, 153cm, 148cm, 143cm
Colors: One Color