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Forum Destroyer Snowboard

Retail Price $449.95
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Forum Destroyer Snowboard Specs

Product NameSale PriceMerchant Name
Forum Destroyer Snowboard Boots SB Chocolate/Brown$
Forum Destroyer Snowboard Boots SB Chocolate/Brown$107.95The House
Forum Destroyer Snowboard Boots Co Brnd Prtn$

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Forum Destroyer Snowboard

- Retail Price $449.95

While the kids in skinny jeans are tap-dancing on the baby boxes, you're crushing jumps, slaying kink rails, and basically destroying the entire park on your Forum Destroyer Snowboard. Traditional camber with Car Bombs provides crazy amounts of pop to give you the confidence you need to take it to the big jumps.

Model Year: 2012
Sizes: 152cm, 154cm, 156cm, 158cm
Colors: One Color
UPC's: 886057840345, 886057840352, 886057840369, 886057840376
SKU's: 276109000152, 276109000154, 276109000156, 276109000158

Forum Destroyer Snowboard Customer Review(s):

Bring camber back!

Rating (1-5): 5 | Reviewed By: Four Horsemen Sales

If your business is blasting mammoth airs, ripping past flailers and pushing the limits every time you strap in, then you probably already know about the Destroyer's criminal activity. You should also know that Pat Moore uses the power generated from the NEW Car Bombs to do exactly these things. And you most certainly know in order to experience this kind of authority you gotta get back on camber!