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Ride Ninja Helmet

Retail Price $129.95

Ride Ninja Helmet Specs

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Ride Ninja Helmet$
Ride Ninja Helmet$
Ride Ninja Snowboard Helmet Orange$

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Ride Ninja Helmet

- Retail Price $129.95

Skate-inspired style, light weight, passive venting, and audio-ready removable ear pads. Does this sound like anyone you know Probably not. Well, it sounds a lot like the Ride Ninja Helmet.

Model Year: 2012
Sizes: S, M, L/XL
Colors: White, Slime, Black
UPC's: 714636984855, 714636984862, 714636984879, 714636984886, 714636984893, 714636984909, 714636984824, 714636984831, 714636984848
SKU's: R1209001022, R1209001024, R1209001027, R1209001032, R1209001034, R1209001037, R1209001012, R1209001014, R1209001017