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Buy DC Scout Snowboard Boot - Mens

DC Scout Snowboard Boot - Mens

Retail Price $96.00
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DC Scout Snowboard Boot - Mens Specs

Product NameSale PriceMerchant Name
DC Scout Snowboard Boots Grey/Black$
DC Scout Snowboard Boots - Men's$125.97Berg's Ski and Snowboard Shop
DC Scout Snowboard Boots Black/White$
DC Scout Snowboard Boots Grey/Black$125.95The House
DC Scout Boa Snowboard Boots$106.95US Outdoor Store
DC Scout Boa Snowboard Boot - Men's$
DC Scout Boa Snowboard Boot - Men's$
DC Scout Snowboard Boot (Men's)$134.99Peter Glenn Ski & Sports
DC Scout Boa Snowboard Boots - 2013/2014$

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DC Scout Snowboard Boot - Mens

- Retail Price $96.00

If you prefer the low-key feel of skate shoes to the complicated death grip some boots inflict, you'll love riding with the DC Scout Men's Snowboard Boots on your hooves. This medium-flex boot forgoes most of the mind-boggling tech, sticking simply with a dial-operated BOA lace-up system and a heel-lift-preventing liner.

Model Year: 2010
Sizes: 8.5, 8.0, 7.0, 14.0, 12.0, 11.5, 11.0, 10.5, 10.0, 9.0, 7.5, 6.0, 5.0, 15.0, 13.0, 9.5
Colors: White/Black, Black/Black/Royal, Black/Print
UPC's: 885112327579, 885112327562, 885112327548, 885112327500, 885112327487, 885112327470, 885112327463, 885112327456, 885112327449, 885112327227, 885112327203, 885112327197, 885112327180, 885112327173, 885112327166, 885112327159, 885112327142, 885112327135, 885112327128, 885112327104, 885112327371, 885112327364, 885112327296, 885112327289, 885112327210, 885112327302, 885112327098, 885112327234, 885112327555, 885112327111, 885112327494, 885112327265, 885112327272, 885112327319, 885112327326, 885112327333, 885112327357, 885112327388, 885112327395, 885112327401, 885112327418, 885112327081, 885112327517, 885112327524, 885112327531, 885112327586, 885112327593
SKU's: 302793-WBK-85, 302793-WBK-80, 302793-WBK-70, 302793-WBK-140, 302793-WBK-120, 302793-WBK-115, 302793-WBK-110, 302793-WBK-105, 302793-WBK-100, 302793-BAY-90, 302793-BAY-80, 302793-BAY-75, 302793-BAY-70, 302793-BAY-60, 302793-BAY-50, 302793-BAY-150, 302793-BAY-140, 302793-BAY-130, 302793-BAY-120, 302793-BAY-110, 302793-BKN-75, 302793-BKN-70, 302793-BKN-115, 302793-BKN-110, 302793-BAY-85, 302793-BKN-120, 302793-BAY-105, 302793-BAY-95, 302793-WBK-75, 302793-BAY-115, 302793-WBK-130, 302793-BKN-100, 302793-BKN-105, 302793-BKN-130, 302793-BKN-140, 302793-BKN-150, 302793-BKN-50, 302793-BKN-60, 302793-BKN-80, 302793-BKN-85, 302793-BKN-90, 302793-BKN-95, 302793-BAY-100, 302793-WBK-150, 302793-WBK-50, 302793-WBK-60, 302793-WBK-90, 302793-WBK-95

DC Scout Snowboard Boot - Mens Customer Review(s):


Rating (1-5): 4 | Reviewed By: Oscar Wiig

I think they're very good! :)

Solid but boa prone heel lift

Rating (1-5): 3 | Reviewed By: Al

I had a pair of these 4 years ago, lace ups, were good until they packed out more than a stripped at stag party. The boa system is convenient, but lacks overall functionality. If your riding park laps till sundown or you have feet that hurt a lot then go bananas! I prefer the feeling of no heel lift and snug even boots. This is why I will be buying 32's from now on. DC's are exactly what DC say they are, a skate shoe for the snow. I would prefer a snowboard boot for theMountain.

Great Boot

Rating (1-5): 5 | Reviewed By: Tucker Chason

I rode the 2010 version of these, which the boa system failed the last day of riding (small plastic piece broke, still worked fine, but was looser) I sent the boots back to DC and they sent me the 2011 version. These boots are amazing, with a few flaws. Occasionally the tongue gets caught in the boa (small issue). The interior is extremely warm, even to the point that I wear thin dress socks on days the temps are above 15degrees F.