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Burton LTD Foam Mat

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Burton LTD Foam Mat: Stay upright in the lift line with the help of the Burton LTD Foam Mat. Unlike most stomp pads, it's made with foam so your boot tread sinks into it, giving you grip no matter how much snow is on your...

Burton Zip Tool

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Burton Zip Tool: The Burton Zip Tool leaves you with no excuse for being unprepared on the hill. The ultra-compact shape takes up almost no space, yet it includes all the tools needed for adjusting or repairing your s...

DAKINE Micro Lock

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DAKINE Micro Lock: The DAKINE Micro Lock offers pocket-sized protection for your setup when you can't keep your eyes on it. It won't stop a pair of bolt cutters, but it provides an effective deterrent against board thef...

Burton Family Tree x G3 High Traction Splitboard Skins

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Burton Family Tree x G3 High Traction Splitboard Skins: Instead of modifying ski skins to make them work with your snowboard, make things easy on yourself with the Burton Family Tree x G3 High Traction Splitboard Skins. Made extra-wide to fit your splitboa...

Volcom Stone Studs Stomp Pad

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Volcom Stone Studs Stomp Pad: Easy to place on your snowboard and made with a non-corrosive metal, the Volcom Stone Studs Stomp Pad will provide some extra grip for when you need to slide over to flirt with that cute lifty....

Burton Starter Kit

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Burton Starter Kit: You've got your board, boots, and bindings, but there's a few more things you'll want before hitting the slopes. Burton knows this better than most, which was the inspiration for the Starter Kit. The ...

DAKINE Torque Driver

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DAKINE Torque Driver: Keep the DAKINE Torque Driver handy to prevent major on-hill bummers caused by loose hardware. Includes everything you need to set up and adjust just about any snowboard binding on the market....

Burton Bullet Tool

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Burton Bullet Tool: The pocket-sized Burton Bullet Tool gives you all the tools you need for on-hill binding repair, and the leverage to do it right. The included #2 and #3 Phillips screwdrivers handle almost all binding...

Voile Splitboard Touring Riser

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Voile Splitboard Touring Riser: The Voile Splitboard Touring Riser raises your bindings 10mm from your boards. This rise increases the rotational angle of your binding to enhance your edging ability while side-hilling and to prevent...

Voile Split Hooks - DIY

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Voile Split Hooks - DIY: The Voile Split Hooks DIY has the parts and drill template to bring your homemade splitboard back together again. The set includes four hooks and all the screws, bushings, nuts, as well as the drill t...

Volcom Stone Wax Scraper

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Volcom Stone Wax Scraper: Treat your board right with the easy-scraping performance of the Volcom Stone Wax Scraper. This two-tone wax scraper is shaped like Volcom's iconic stone, giving you five sides to scrape your snowboar...

Burton Foam Mat

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Burton Foam Mat: Slap the Burton Foam Mat in front of your back binding to avoid the dreaded back-foot slip-out while getting off the lift. Grippy foam helps you maintain control of your snowboard while coasting one-f...

Burton Collector Series Board Wall Mount

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Burton Collector Series Board Wall Mount: Why would you actually ride your snowboard when you can hang it up in your private champagne room with the Burton Collector Series Board Wall Mount'...

Karakoram Prime Straightline Splitboard Binding

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Karakoram Prime Straightline Splitboard Binding: Take down lines and spines that you'd normally need a helicopter to get to with the Karakoram Prim Straightline Splitboard Binding. A carbon fiber highback and carbon stiffeners in the baseplate make ...

Bakoda Mciver Driver Tool

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Bakoda Mciver Driver Tool: Whether you have a binding that's always coming loose or you're headed on a big snowboard trip, keep the Bakoda McIver Driver Tool on hand for all your setup and maintenance needs. It has a lightweigh...

DAKINE Limited Mission 25L Backpack - 1500cu in

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DAKINE Limited Mission 25L Backpack - 1500cu in: The Dakine Limited Mission 25L Backpack offers a limited Sportsman print with trout, waterfowl, and forest icons for subtle sophistication wherever you roam. This shred-ready pack has vertical board c...

Burton EST Tool

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Burton EST Tool: The Burton EST Tool includes Phillips #2 and #3 screwdrivers, a bottle opener, and an Infinite Channel System Plug Pick for your ICS board. Burton designed this pocket tool so you can operate it with ...

Burton Mini Scraper Mat

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Burton Mini Scraper Mat: The low-pro Burton Mini Scraper Mats help you get a grip without plastering a huge pad on your board. These two-inch discs give you traction while getting off the lift and knock annoying ice buildup o...

Voile Slider Pins

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Voile Slider Pins: Voile Slider Pins secure the slider track of your bindings to the splitboard in tour and ride modes. The lanyard is attached to your binding, so it doesn't get lost. Voile recommends carrying spares w...

DAKINE Pyramid Studs

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DAKINE Pyramid Studs: In the world of back-foot traction, the DAKINE Pyramid Studs are the 8th wonder. Randomly assign a position to the nine tiny studs or make a really, really, cool pattern your bros will find awe-inspir...