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Buy Foursquare Studio Pant - Men's

Foursquare Studio Pant - Men's

Retail Price $97.96
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Foursquare Studio Pant - Men's Specs

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Foursquare Studio Snowboard Pants Granite$
Foursquare Studio Snowboard Pants Air$
Foursquare Studio Snowboard Pants Granite$83.16The House

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Foursquare Studio Pant - Men's

- Retail Price $97.96

The Foursquare Men's Studio Pant lives and breathes to shred the slopes and flash the ladies with its cool style.

Model Year: 2011
Sizes: XL, M, L, S
Colors: Safety Orange, Ink, Grain, Cast Iron, Blacktop
UPC's: 885197985411, 885197985398, 885197985381, 885197985343, 885197985350, 885197985367, 885197985374, 885197985220, 885197985237, 885197985244, 885197985251, 885197985176, 885197985169, 885197985152, 885197985145, 885197985107, 885197985114, 885197985121, 885197985138, 885197985404
SKU's: 254646801XL, 254646801M, 254646801L, 254646403XL, 254646403S, 254646403M, 254646403L, 254646202XL, 254646202S, 254646202M, 254646202L, 254646062XL, 254646062S, 254646062M, 254646062L, 254646003XL, 254646003S, 254646003M, 254646003L, 254646801S

Foursquare Studio Pant - Men's Customer Review(s):

Not too baggy, not too tight

Rating (1-5): 5 | Reviewed By: Four Horsemen

Good fit on these guys. They aren't too baggy and not too tight...a little bit more like a normal fitting pant. I love Foursquare pants, but some of them are just a little too gangsta for me. These are the perfect medium. Loose fit without being tight whatsoever.