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Buy L1 Stooge Jacket - Men's

L1 Stooge Jacket - Men's

Retail Price $97.47
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L1 Stooge Jacket - Men's Specs

Product NameSale PriceMerchant Name
L1 Stooge Jacket - Men's$
L1 Stooge Jacket - Men's$
L1 Stooge Snowboard Jacket Black/Videograss$
L1 Stooge Snowboard Jacket Black/Videograss$104.95The House

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L1 Stooge Jacket - Men's

- Retail Price $97.47

You can't even think about your sadistic high school wrestling coach without breaking out in a cold sweat; yet at the same time, you're oddly attracted to the L1 Men's Stooge Jacket. This homage to our youthful torturers (with a backhanded slap with the name, stat) features an appropriately burly waterproof, breathable shell and incongruously fuzzy faux fur lining. Yup, all tough on the outside and soft on the insidejust like a coach is supposed to be. Although if this jacket were anything like your old coach, it would be lined in dried-out beef jerky barbed-wire accents.

Model Year: 2011
Sizes: L, XXL, XL, S, M
Colors: Opium, Black, Tobacco, Pine
UPC's: 885315056351, 885315056320, 885315056313, 885315056283, 885315056290, 885315056474, 885315056443, 885315056368, 885315056337, 885315056344, 885315056467, 885315056436, 885315056450, 885315056429, 885315056412, 885315056399, 885315056405, 885315056375, 885315056306, 885315056382
SKU's: L1-106-11-OPI-L, L1-106-11-BLK-XXL, L1-106-11-BLK-XL, L1-106-11-BLK-S, L1-106-11-BLK-M, L1-106-11-TOB-XXL, L1-106-11-TOB-M, L1-106-11-OPI-XL, L1-106-11-OPI-S, L1-106-11-OPI-M, L1-106-11-TOB-XL, L1-106-11-TOB-S, L1-106-11-TOB-L, L1-106-11-PIN-XXL, L1-106-11-PIN-XL, L1-106-11-PIN-M, L1-106-11-PIN-L, L1-106-11-OPI-XXL, L1-106-11-BLK-L, L1-106-11-PIN-S