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Buy Ride Shelby Jacket - Girls'

Ride Shelby Jacket - Girls'

Retail Price $119.95
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Ride Shelby Jacket - Girls'$
Ride Shelby Jacket - Girls'$
Ride Shelby Snowboard Jacket Black$
Ride Shelby Snowboard Jacket Black$83.95The House

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Ride Shelby Jacket - Girls'

- Retail Price $119.95

Ride longer and perfect your skills when you wear the oh-so-stylish Ride Girls Shelby Jacket. Thanks to the 200-gram polyester insulation, the Shelby wards off the cold so you dont have to rush into the warming hut to warm up.

Model Year: 2011
Sizes: XS, XL, S, M, L
Colors: Lilac, Black Dot Print
UPC's: 714636780983, 714636781027, 714636780990, 714636781003, 714636781010, 714636781133, 714636781171, 714636781140, 714636781157, 714636781164
SKU's: R112406151, R112406158, R112406152, R112406154, R112406156, R112406451, R112406458, R112406452, R112406454, R112406456