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Buy Sanuk Nirvana Sandal - Women's

Sanuk Nirvana Sandal - Women's

Retail Price $21.95
Sanuk Nirvana Sandal - Women's may no longer be available click the BUY NOW to verify or Scroll below for additional merchants and similar products.

Sanuk Nirvana Sandal - Women's Specs

Product NameSale PriceMerchant Name
Sanuk Womens Fraidy Cat Sandals$
Sanuk Passport Sandal - Brown$78.00Surf Fanatics
Sanuk Maritime Sandals - Womens$28.00US Outdoor Store
Sanuk Ibiza Sandal - Women's$
Sanuk Ibiza Sandal - Women's$
Sanuk Beer Cozy Sandals Black$
Sanuk Men`s Yogi 3 Sandals$33.99Fontana Sports
Sanuk Chubby Sandals (Men's)$29.99Peter Glenn Ski & Sports
Sanuk Womens Fraidy Cat Sandals$
Sanuk Beer Cozy Sandal - Men's$
Sanuk Root Beer Cozy Sandals - Boys'$

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Sanuk Nirvana Sandal - Women's

- Retail Price $21.95

You fell in love with Sidewalk Surfers. Now grab the Sanuk Women's Nirvana Sandal and experience deliverance from the suffering and bad karma of lesser flip-flops.

Model Year: 2012
Sizes: 9.0, 8.0, 7.0, 6.0, 10.0
Colors: Brown, Black, White, Bronze
UPC's: 643388242572, 643388242565, 643388242558, 643388242541, 643388242589, 643388242503, 643388242497, 643388242480, 643388242473, 643388242510
SKU's: SWS3033-BRN-9, SWS3033-BRN-8, SWS3033-BRN-7, SWS3033-BRN-6, SWS3033-BRN-10, SWS3033-BLK-9, SWS3033-BLK-8, SWS3033-BLK-7, SWS3033-BLK-6, SWS3033-BLK-10, SWS3033-WHT-9, SWS3033-WHT-8, SWS3033-WHT-7, SWS3033-WHT-6, SWS3033-WHT-10, SWS3033-BRZ-9, SWS3033-BRZ-8, SWS3033-BRZ-7, SWS3033-BRZ-6, SWS3033-BRZ-10

Sanuk Nirvana Sandal - Women's Customer Review(s):


Rating (1-5): 5 | Reviewed By: Laurie

Here in Hawai'i, we practically live in slippers/sandals, and these are soooo comfortable and durable!