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Wood and Faulk Carpenter Bag

Wood and Faulk Carpenter Bag: A fulcrum in the Wood and Faulk original line up, the Carpenter Bag features a timeless construction and silhouette that proves its worth time and time again. Fashioned in Wood and Faulk's Portland wo

Black Diamond Spark Mitten - Women's

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Black Diamond Spark Mitten - Women's: Ignite your warmth this winter with the Black Diamond Women's Spark Mittens. Made with a full goat leather construction, the waterproof BDry insert keeps your hands comfortably dry through the season'

Hestra Moon Light Mitten - Women's

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Hestra Moon Light Mitten - Women's: From late spring skiing to chilly afternoons spent walking with the dogs, the Hestra Women's Moon Light Mitten offers cozy warmth and unequivocal style. Much like its eldest sibling, the Moon Mitt, th

BAGGU Drawstring Purse

BAGGU Drawstring Purse: Just like you, the Baggu Drawstring Purse is sleek, stylish, and ready to hit the town. With its leather fabric and drawstring cinch, this bucket purse is perfect for storing your makeup, phone, and s

Kavu Fernie Purse

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Kavu Fernie Purse: Bring along the essentials on your next downtown adventure with the Kavu Fernie Purse slung over your shoulder. Crafted with polyester felt and a rope strap, this stylish purse has room to keep your p

Seafolly Market Bucket Bag

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Seafolly Market Bucket Bag: If you want to play hooky and explore the local shops before heading to the beach, don't forget the Seafolly Market Bucket Bag. The spacious main compartment holds your wallet, snacks, sunglasses, and

DAKINE Stashable 18L Tote - Women's

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DAKINE Stashable 18L Tote - Women's: Looking for that perfect hybrid between beach tote and packable grocery bag' Then look no further--the Dakine Stashable Tote is here to save the day. Consisting of tough-yet-packable polyester, this s

Frye Cara Bucket Bag

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Frye Cara Bucket Bag: Evocative of those iconic backpack purses circa 1995, the Frye Cara Bucket Bag offers a stylish spin on an otherwise classic piece. The Cara touts a saddle-inspired pattern and stitching, while the oi

DAKINE Cedar 13L Bag - Women's

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DAKINE Cedar 13L Bag - Women's: Simple, stylish, and ready for action, the Dakine Women's Cedar 13L Bag comfortably slings over your shoulders without the weight of a full-size backpack. This mini backpack features a rope drawstring

Outdoor Research Flurry Glove - Women's

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Outdoor Research Flurry Glove - Women's: Blustery winter treks no longer need to end with you beating your ice-block hands against the kitchen vent while weeping and yearning for the slightest tingle of feeling. In fact, with the Outdoor Res...

Columbia Inferno Range Glove - Women's

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Columbia Inferno Range Glove - Women's: The wind's blasting, snow's hammering sideways, and the mercury's dropped out of the thermometer, so it's time to head inside, right' Hardly. With Columbia's Inferno Range Women's Glove, you'll be abl...

Pistil Twilight Pom Beanie - Women's

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Pistil Twilight Pom Beanie - Women's: Like most beanies, the Pistil Women's Twilight Pom Beanie has a gorgeous knit exterior. Unlike most beanies, this one's lining features naturally odor-resistant merino wool, so your hair won't smell f...

Herschel Supply Thomas Leather Wallet - Women's

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Herschel Supply Thomas Leather Wallet - Women's: Exuding dressed-up elegance without being extravagant, the Herschel Supply Women's Thomas Leather Wallet features a supple leather exterior with Herschel's signature striped lining. This zip-around wa...

Prana Jackie Cadet Hat - Women's

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Prana Jackie Cadet Hat - Women's: The Prana Women's Jackie Cadet Hat uses a thick blend of fabric to help keep your nugget warm in the fall, winter, and early spring. The visor helps keep the glare out of your eyes, and the strapback ...

Kavu Rope Bag Purse - Women's

Kavu Rope Bag Purse - Women's: Messenger bags are a dime a dozen these days, but the Kavu Women's Rope Bag Purse breaks the mold with a design that sits somewhere between a daypack, purse, and messenger bag. The rope shoulder strap...

Pow Gloves Stealth GTX Glove - Women's

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Pow Gloves Stealth GTX Glove - Women's: Your under-the-radar riding style is seriously stealth, considering how you only ride with people who can hang and who won't divulge your stash locations. The Pow Women's Stealth GTX Glove is the reli...

Fjallraven Frost Hat - Women's

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Fjallraven Frost Hat - Women's: From skate skiing across the snow-covered frozen lake, to enjoying a hot cocoa by the fire afterwards, the Fjallraven Women's Frost Hat knows how handle winter in luxury. Its wool construction and pol...

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