Snowboard/snowboard Accessories/pocket Tools for all your snowboarding needs

DAKINE Cool Lock

DAKINE Cool Lock: They're organized. The scumbags who nab boards, that is. But the DAKINE Cool Lock knows exactly how they're doing it and offers a system that beats them at their game. A 37in retractable steel cable a

DAKINE Binding Hardware

DAKINE Binding Hardware: Strip out the heads on your old screws' Pick up this 8-pack of DAKINE snowboard hardware and get your bindings tight again.


DAKINE Cam Lock: Don't let some thieving punk-ass walk off with your prized possession. The DAKINE Cam Lock features a key-lock mechanism and sliding cam design that lets you secure your board to just about any solid

Burton EST Tool

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Burton EST Tool: You know the feeling--you notice your binding is loose, and now you have to decide between missing out on a couple laps while you make your way to the car, or keep riding with disco feet. Never go thr

Burton Starter Kit

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Burton Starter Kit: You've got your board, boots, and bindings, but there's a few more things you'll want before hitting the slopes. Burton knows this better than most, which was the inspiration for the Starter Kit. The ...

Burton MTN Essentials Kit

Burton MTN Essentials Kit: Like an first aid kit for your beloved board, the Burton MTN Essentials Kit gives you the basic tools for tuning, waxing, and replacing old screws. It includes basic rub-on wax with a buffer for givin...

Burton Bullet Tool

Burton Bullet Tool: The pocket-sized Burton Bullet Tool gives you all the tools you need for on-hill binding repair, and the leverage to do it right. The included #2 and #3 Phillips screwdrivers handle almost all binding...

Burton Board Wall Mount - 1 Set

Burton Board Wall Mount - 1 Set: Whether you're showing off a vintage Backhill, your busted deck from last season, or you just need to get your board off the floor in a cramped space, the Burton Board Wall Mounts will do the trick. T...

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