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Burton Starter Kit

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Burton Starter Kit: You've got your board, boots, and bindings, but there's a few more things you'll want before hitting the slopes. Burton knows this better than most, which was the inspiration for the Starter Kit. The

Burton MTN Essentials Kit

Burton MTN Essentials Kit: Like an first aid kit for your beloved board, the Burton MTN Essentials Kit gives you the basic tools for tuning, waxing, and replacing old screws. It includes basic rub-on wax with a buffer for givin

Burton Family Tree x G3 High Traction Splitboard Skins

Burton Family Tree x G3 High Traction Splitboard Skins: Instead of modifying ski skins to make them work with your snowboard, make things easy on yourself with the Burton Family Tree x G3 High Traction Splitboard Skins. Made extra-wide to fit your splitboa

Gold Coast Slapstick Cruiser

Gold Coast Slapstick Cruiser: Keep your skating lighthearted with the GoldCoast Slapstick Cruiser. A sturdy seven-ply maple deck with a kicktail and bigger, softer wheels make the Slapstick the perfect board for late night beer ru

Gold Coast Serpentagram Complete Longboard

Gold Coast Serpentagram Complete Longboard: Slither down steep hills like a black mamba with the GoldCoast Serpentagram Longboard. Reverse kingpin trucks allow for tighter turns and powerful carves, and the drop-through deck design lowers your

Burton EST Tool

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Burton EST Tool: You know the feeling--you notice your binding is loose, and now you have to decide between missing out on a couple laps while you make your way to the car, or keep riding with disco feet. Never go thr

DAKINE X-Mat Stomp Pad

DAKINE X-Mat Stomp Pad: The DAKINE X-Mat Stomp Pad marks the spot where you should place your back foot when you get off the chairlift, thereby reducing the chance of making a complete ass of yourself. Stick this thin DAKINE

Never Summer Deviant Complete Longboard

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Never Summer Deviant Complete Longboard: Cruise winding roads and bomb down steeps with confidence on the Never Summer Deviant Longboard. The stiff maple deck features a drop-through mount for stability at high speeds, as well as a W concave

Never Summer Superfreak Complete Longboard

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Never Summer Superfreak Complete Longboard: Get ready to boogie down on big hills and city streets atop the Never Summer Superfreak Complete Longboard. This single-kick cruiser rips windy mountain roads and mellow urban terrain with equal prowe

Gold Coast The Addax Pintail Longboard

Gold Coast The Addax Pintail Longboard: Now that warmer weather has arrived, it's time to break out your Gold Coast The Addax Pintail Longboard. With its pintail shape and W concave, The Addax is just as at home bombing hills as it is cruis

DAKINE Pyramid Studs

DAKINE Pyramid Studs: In the world of back-foot traction, the DAKINE Pyramid Studs are the 8th wonder. Randomly assign a position to the nine tiny studs or make a really, really, cool pattern your bros will find awe-inspir...

Backcountry High Traction Splitboard Skin

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Backcountry High Traction Splitboard Skin: The Backcountry High Traction Splitboard Skin offers roughly 10 to 20% more traction than G3's standard Alpinist Splitboard Skin. They're decked out in our signature Goat logo, which is appropriate co...

Gold Coast Standard Longboard

Gold Coast Standard Longboard: Setting the standard doesn't come easy in any discipline. Take producers of pizza for example. They all claim to be hotter, tastier, and faster than the other guy--which isn't much unlike the longboar...

Gold Coast The Salvia Drop Through Longboard

Gold Coast The Salvia Drop Through Longboard: Get ready for some mind-warping carves and cloud nine cruising on the Gold Coast The Salvia Drop Through Longboard. Its drop-through design keeps it stable when you're hitting high speeds, and the rev...

Never Summer Reaper Complete Longboard

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Never Summer Reaper Complete Longboard: Strike fear into the hearts of steep streets and windy mountain passes with the Reaper Complete Longboard, Never Summer's hardest-charging downhill board. The W concave and ergonomically-molded foot p...

Never Summer Wingman Complete Longboard

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Never Summer Wingman Complete Longboard: Never Summer's double drop, freeride-friendly Wingman Complete Longboard has the smooth style you need when you're making moves on the streets. Multi-Core technology designs the deck with a stiff, res...

Burton Tuning Vises

Burton Tuning Vises: Burton's Tuning Vises are what you need to do shop-quality tunes at home. These stable vises mount to the edge of a table or workbench and can hold a board horizontally or vertically. The tops are gri...

Gold Coast The Orbit Complete Longboard

Gold Coast The Orbit Complete Longboard: From pushing across campus to bringing the heat to the hills in your town, the Gold Coast Orbit Complete Longboard handles most street terrain with power and grace. The five-ply bamboo maple hybrid de...


DAKINE Cam Lock: Don't let some thieving punk-ass walk off with your prized possession. The DAKINE Cam Lock features a key-lock mechanism and sliding cam design that lets you secure your board to just about any solid ...

Gold Coast The Watershed Drop Through Longboard

Gold Coast The Watershed Drop Through Longboard: You're sure to have your breakthrough moment within the first few turns on the Gold Coast Watershed Drop Through Longboard. This dynamic ripper is equipped with a sturdy, yet flexible, 10in, seven-ply...

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