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DAKINE Pyramid Studs

DAKINE Pyramid Studs: In the world of back-foot traction, the DAKINE Pyramid Studs are the 8th wonder. Randomly assign a position to the nine tiny studs or make a really, really, cool pattern your bros will find awe-inspir

Gold Coast The Infinitas Pintail Longboard

Gold Coast The Infinitas Pintail Longboard: Cruise comfortably across campus on the classic shape of the Gold Coast The Infinitas Pintail Longboard. It has a versatile and timeless pintail shape that makes it great for getting across town or bo

Voile Splitboard Touring Riser

Voile Splitboard Touring Riser: The Voile Splitboard Touring Riser raises your bindings 10mm from your boards. This rise increases the rotational angle of your binding to enhance your edging ability while side-hilling and to prevent

Burton EST Tool

Burton EST Tool: You know the feeling--you notice your binding is loose, and now you have to decide between missing out on a couple laps while you make your way to the car, or keep riding with disco feet. Never go thr

Burton Aluminium Stud Mat

Burton Aluminium Stud Mat: The Burton Aluminum Stud Mats offer customizable traction with six separate aluminum discs. Stick 'em wherever you want for a bit of extra bling and slip resistance while getting off the lift.

Burton Day Hiker Pinnacle Backpack - 1890cu in

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Burton Day Hiker Pinnacle Backpack - 1890cu in: From summer summits to midwinter snowboarding missions, the Burton Day Hiker Pinnacle Backpack's versatile storage capacity and snow-to-street features help you transition through every season. Stowab

Burton Aluminum Logo Mat

Burton Aluminum Logo Mat: The Burton Aluminum Logo Mat gives you extra traction without the rental shop gaper-pad look. Two aluminum, corrosion-resistant Process logos keep your boot from slipping on chairlift ramps or one-foo

Gold Coast The Salvia Drop Through Longboard

Gold Coast The Salvia Drop Through Longboard: Get ready for some mind-warping carves and cloud nine cruising on the Gold Coast The Salvia Drop Through Longboard. Its drop-through design keeps it stable when you're hitting high speeds, and the rev

Voile Splitboard Crampon for Light Rail

Voile Splitboard Crampon for Light Rail: The Voile Splitboard Crampon for Light Rail bindings takes the frustration out of trying to climb icy skin tracks, and adds security when you're climbing in icy, exposed terrain. These crampons are co

Burton Board Wall Mount - 1 Set

Burton Board Wall Mount - 1 Set: Whether you're showing off a vintage Backhill, your busted deck from last season, or you just need to get your board off the floor in a cramped space, the Burton Board Wall Mounts will do the trick. T

Voile Tip Clips (2)

Voile Tip Clips (2): Voile Tip Clips can be used to repair or replace worn-out tip-clips on your splitboard....

Never Summer El Jefe Complete Longboard

Never Summer El Jefe Complete Longboard: Captain of the carve, the Never Summer El Jefe Complete Longboard is sure to be one of the most versatile boards in your quiver. Built with Split Core technology, this board's blended poplar, maple, a...

DAKINE Cool Lock

DAKINE Cool Lock: They're organized. The scumbags who nab boards, that is. But the DAKINE Cool Lock knows exactly how they're doing it and offers a system that beats them at their game. A 37in retractable steel cable a...

G3 High Traction Splitboard Skin

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G3 High Traction Splitboard Skin: Improving upon its already-legendary design, G3 used plush, high-traction synthetic material on the base of the High Traction Splitboard Skin. Compared to previous skins, the high-friction material of...

Gold Coast Standard Complete Longboard

Gold Coast Standard Complete Longboard: The Gold Coast Standard Longboard's classic pintail shape and easy-going attitude make it a staple in any longboard collection. A long wheelbase and reverse pivot trucks give it the right mix of stabi...

Never Summer Superfreak Complete Longboard

Never Summer Superfreak Complete Longboard: Get ready to boogie down on big hills and city streets atop the Never Summer Superfreak Complete Longboard. This single-kick cruiser rips windy mountain roads and mellow urban terrain with equal prowe...

DAKINE X-Mat Stomp Pad

DAKINE X-Mat Stomp Pad: The DAKINE X-Mat Stomp Pad marks the spot where you should place your back foot when you get off the chairlift, thereby reducing the chance of making a complete ass of yourself. Stick this thin DAKINE...

Never Summer Covert Complete Longboard

Never Summer Covert Complete Longboard: Tactile and lightweight, the Never Summer Covert Complete Longboard is ready to handle just about any mission it embarks upon. Dual Core technology gives the deck two vertically-laminated poplar wood ...

Gold Coast Pyrite Complete Longboard

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Gold Coast Pyrite Complete Longboard: Bomb down hills like a runaway mining cart on the Gold Coast Pyrite Complete Longboard. 3M reflective material on the sidewalls and wheel wells reflects light everywhere you go like a piece of fool's ...

Gold Coast Infinitas Drop Through Complete Longboard

Gold Coast Infinitas Drop Through Complete Longboard: With the longest wheelbase of all of Gold Coast's drop-throughs, the Infinitas Complete Longboard is the pinnacle of control and maneuverability. The drop-through mount puts your feet closer to the gr...

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