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MSR Revo Explore Snowshoe - Women's

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MSR Revo Explore Snowshoe - Women's: When fast, light, and durable are all features you're looking for in a snowshoe, look no further than the Women's Revo Explore Snowshoe from MSR. Injection-molded plastic for the decks provides a stab

Karakoram Prime Connect Splitboard Binding

Karakoram Prime Connect Splitboard Binding: Split-specific bindings tend to be on the expensive side, so a little while back the guys at Karakoram figured out a way to attach their bindings to solid boards for the sake of backcountry enthusiast

Karakoram Flip-Speed Riser

Karakoram Flip-Speed Riser: You know the pain and frustration well--standing at the base of a steep approach, helplessly trying to engage your climbing wires with your pole handle. Lucky for you, Karakoram has created the Flip-S

Atlas Montane Snowshoe

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Atlas Montane Snowshoe: When it comes to tackling technical, mountainous terrain, look no further than the Atlas Montane Snowshoe to provide unprecedented float, traction, and a flexible feel--all day long. The Nytex decking

Karakoram Prime1 Split Snowboard Binding

Karakoram Prime1 Split Snowboard Binding: Between dealing with the annoying pin systems, frozen fingers, bulky feel, and sub-optimal riding experience, it can be hard to get motivated to go touring when you have a traditional split setup with

Karakoram Connect Split Kit

Karakoram Connect Split Kit: Tired of splitboard setups that feel like loose, floppy noodles when you're riding down' Get yourself a pair of Karakoram bindings and the Connect Split Kit to take your touring experience to the next

Voile Light Rail Binding Ultra Toe Straps

Voile Light Rail Binding Ultra Toe Straps: Your ultra-light backcountry touring setup won't be complete without the Voile Light Rail Binding Ultra Toe Straps. Designed to shave precious ounces off your Light Rail bindings, these minimalist str

Crescent Moon Gold 17 Expedition Snowshoe

Crescent Moon Gold 17 Expedition Snowshoe: The Crescent Moon Gold 17 Expedition Snowshoe can handle a heavy load in deep snow. Its large platform area and incredibly light weight (lowest on the market for shoes this size) deliver outstanding f

Crescent Moon Gold 10 Backcountry Snowshoe

Crescent Moon Gold 10 Backcountry Snowshoe: Venture off the beaten track and into the backcountry with the Crescent Moon Gold 10 Snowshoe. Designed for rugged backcountry travel, deeper snow, or a hiker carrying a backpack (or all three), the G

Backcountry Splitboard Skin

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Backcountry Splitboard Skin: You got a splitboard so you wouldn't have to posthole through powder all the way up to your line, so you might as well get some skins designed specifically to help splitboarders access the goods. With

MSR Revo Trail Snowshoe - Women's

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MSR Revo Trail Snowshoe - Women's: Some may take the foot of snow in the hills as a sign it's time to hangup their hiking gear and settle into a long and boring hibernation on the couch. But before you queue the TV and pop that bowl of...

MSR Revo Explore Snowshoe - Men's

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MSR Revo Explore Snowshoe - Men's: There's a lot of rolling, hilly terrain out there, and the MSR Revo Explore Men's Snowshoe is chomping at the bit to get out and explore it. The Explore is a tough shoe with a rugged ExoTract steel an...

Voile Speed Rail Splitboard Binding - Women's

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Voile Speed Rail Splitboard Binding - Women's: Forget about messing with slider pins by switching to the Voile Women's Speed Rail Splitboard Binding's intuitive hook-to-axle interface. Freshly launched for the '16/'17 season, the Speed Rail ditche...

Louis Garneau White Everest Snowshoes - Women's

Louis Garneau White Everest Snowshoes - Women's: Don't let that thick blanket of snow across the mountains bum you out--strap on the Louis Garneau Women's White Everest Snowshoes and keep on hiking like you did during spring, summer, and fall. Desig...

Karakoram Prime Carbon Splitboard Binding - Women's

Karakoram Prime Carbon Splitboard Binding - Women's: Understanding that ladies can shred just as hard as the dudes, Karakoram made sure not to make the Women's Prime Carbon Splitboard Binding any softer or less powerful than the men's version. They simp...

MSR Revo Ascent Snowshoe - Women's

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MSR Revo Ascent Snowshoe - Women's: When you can't walk on water, grab the MSR Women's Revo Ascent Snowshoe and achieve the closest thing to floating atop frozen water particles. These tenacious, all-terrain snowshoes boast serious trac...

Louis Garneau Versant Snowshoes

Louis Garneau Versant Snowshoes: Ditch the beaten path and explore the backcountry on your own terms with the Louis Garneau Versant Snowshoes. This high-performance backcountry snowshoe perfectly blends lightness and toughness, and o...

MSR Lightning Explore Snowshoe - Men's

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MSR Lightning Explore Snowshoe - Men's: When it comes to heading off trail in snowy conditions, make sure you bring along the Men's Lightning Explore Snowshoes from MSR. The ballistic nylon decks and 360-degree traction frames provide incre...

Karakoram Prime Crampons

Karakoram Prime Crampons: Attach the Karakoram Prime Crampons for extra grip when you encounter ice and dicey snow while you're touring. This super-tough crampon is crafted from 6061-T6 aluminum for unmatched strength and dura...

Tubbs Wayfinder Snowshoe - Men's

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Tubbs Wayfinder Snowshoe - Men's: Trek across snowy forests, rolling alpine meadows, and frozen coastlines with the comfortable fit, superior float, and sure-footed traction of the Tubbs Men's Wayfinder Snowshoe. Part of Tubb's Trail ...

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