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MSR Lightning Explore Snowshoe - Men's

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MSR Lightning Explore Snowshoe - Men's: When it comes to heading off trail in snowy conditions, make sure you bring along the Men's Lightning Explore Snowshoes from MSR. The ballistic nylon decks and 360-degree traction frames provide incre

Karakoram Flip-Speed Riser

Karakoram Flip-Speed Riser: You know the pain and frustration well--standing at the base of a steep approach, helplessly trying to engage your climbing wires with your pole handle. Lucky for you, Karakoram has created the Flip-S

Voile T-Nuts for Slider Track

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Voile T-Nuts for Slider Track: Lost your original set or just looking to cross your t's and dot your i's' Whatever your reasoning, pick up the Voile T-Nuts for Slider Track and prepare yourself for the strong possibility of misplac

Atlas Treeline Snowshoe

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Atlas Treeline Snowshoe: Some days, covering ground is paramount, but other days you just want to cruise around and enjoy the fresh snow. Atlas designed the Treeline Snowshoe to do both, with flexible, light, and floaty Nytex

Karakoram Air Strap

Karakoram Air Strap: Lighten and simplify any Karakoram splitboard binding with the Karakoram Air Strap. The toe cap design cups the tip of your snowboard boot to securely hold you in place while shaving 70 to 80 grams of

MSR Evo Snowshoe Flotation Tails - 6in

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MSR Evo Snowshoe Flotation Tails - 6in: Make your super-floaty MSR Denali Evo Snowshoes even floatier in soft snow or when you're carrying a heavy pack with the Denali Evo Snowshoe Flotation Tails.

Voile Light Rail Split Snowboard Binding - Women's

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Voile Light Rail Split Snowboard Binding - Women's: With splitboarding's popularity exploding in recent years, riders are seeking a simple and solid solution for skinning up and ripping down their favorite backcountry lines. The Voile Women's Light Rai

Karakoram Connect Split Kit

Karakoram Connect Split Kit: Tired of splitboard setups that feel like loose, floppy noodles when you're riding down' Get yourself a pair of Karakoram bindings and the Connect Split Kit to take your touring experience to the next

Voile Light Rail Binding Ultra Toe Straps

Voile Light Rail Binding Ultra Toe Straps: Your ultra-light backcountry touring setup won't be complete without the Voile Light Rail Binding Ultra Toe Straps. Designed to shave precious ounces off your Light Rail bindings, these minimalist str

Atlas Stratus Snowshoe

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Atlas Stratus Snowshoe: From deep snow to steep mountainous terrain, the Atlas Stratus Snowshoe inspires more winter fun while tackling more challenging terrain. It features an aggressive All-Trac toe crampon which provides ...

Tubbs Wayfinder Snowshoe - Men's

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Tubbs Wayfinder Snowshoe - Men's: Trek across snowy forests, rolling alpine meadows, and frozen coastlines with the comfortable fit, superior float, and sure-footed traction of the Tubbs Men's Wayfinder Snowshoe. Part of Tubb's Trail ...

MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoe - Men's

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MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoe - Men's: When you need to get somewhere in the backcountry and you need to get there safely and securely, trust the Men's Lightning Ascent Snowshoes from MSR. The Lightning Ascents feature decking made from ba...

Crescent Moon Gold 17 Expedition Snowshoe

Crescent Moon Gold 17 Expedition Snowshoe: The Crescent Moon Gold 17 Expedition Snowshoe can handle a heavy load in deep snow. Its large platform area and incredibly light weight (lowest on the market for shoes this size) deliver outstanding f...

Fimbulvetr Hikr Snowshoe

Fimbulvetr Hikr Snowshoe: In Norse mythology, Fimbulvetr is the mighty winter following Ragnarok's apocalypse. In the outdoor industry, Fimbulvetr redesigned the snowshoe so the Hikr Snowshoe can handle the post-apocalyptic wi...

Atlas Elektra Stratus Snowshoe - Women's

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Atlas Elektra Stratus Snowshoe - Women's: When the skies are blue and the snow is fresh, strap on the Atlas Women's Elektra Stratus Snowshoe and get exploring. Featuring an aggressive All-Trac toe crampon and Traverse Trac Rails, this snowsho...

Atlas Aspect Snowshoe

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Atlas Aspect Snowshoe: Put miles of snow behind you as you trek in the Atlas Aspect Snowshoe. This backcountry trailblazer boasts Atlas' proprietary Spring-Loaded Suspension, which uses offset webbing straps for natural sid...

Karakoram Prime SL Split Snowboard Binding

Karakoram Prime SL Split Snowboard Binding: Looking to shave grams off your current touring setup, but don't want to sacrifice solid board connection, energy transfer, and touring efficiency' An uncompromising solution to saving serious weight ...

Atlas Serrate Snowshoe

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Atlas Serrate Snowshoe: If you've ever dreamed of leaping, diving, and cartwheeling around on technical and icy terrain while wearing snowshoes, look no further than the Atlas Serrate Snowshoe to fulfill these wild dreams. D...

Voile Splitboard Skins Tail Clip Kit

Voile Splitboard Skins Tail Clip Kit: Breathe new life into your old skins with the Voile Splitboard Skins Tail Clip Kit. When the adhesive starts to lose stickiness, tail clips keep your skins firmly in place on the skin up....

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