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Never Summer Prospector Splitboard

Never Summer Prospector Splitboard: For riders earning their turns, the Never Summer Prospector Splitboard is a high-performance touring machine that skins up and rides down the steepest alpine cirques and deepest tree runs with ease. N

Never Summer Twenty Five Splitboard

Never Summer Twenty Five Splitboard: Built for surfing the white waves of the mountain, far from the crowded, tracked-out slopes of the resort, the Never Summer Twenty Five Splitboard represents 25 years of craftsmanship, quality, and in

Jones Snowboards Carbon Flagship Snowboard - Wide

Jones Snowboards Carbon Flagship Snowboard - Wide: Alaskan spines, steep Swiss peaks, and Wasatch's fluffiest days in the backcountry call for the Jones Wide Carbon Flagship Snowboard. Designed for expert freeriders and competitive big-mountain riders

Karakoram Prime Crampons

Karakoram Prime Crampons: Attach the Karakoram Prime Crampons for extra grip when you encounter ice and dicey snow while you're touring. This super-tough crampon is crafted from 6061-T6 aluminum for unmatched strength and dura

Black Diamond QuickDraw Probe Carbon 320

Black Diamond QuickDraw Probe Carbon 320: A speedy, reliable probe is an essential part of your backcountry kit, and the Black Diamond QuickDraw Probe Carbon 320 is the perfect option when you're traveling light in areas with deep snowpacks.

Black Diamond Avalung Element

Black Diamond Avalung Element: Built to provide field-proven performance with an innovative, removable design, the Black Diamond Avalung Element is a lightweight avalanche safety tool that significantly extends fresh air supply in

Bolle Duchess Goggle - Women's

Bolle Duchess Goggle - Women's: The new Bolle Women's Duchess Goggle offers a wider field of vision characteristic of spherical lenses while being sized to fit smaller faces. In addition to this, the goggle has a number of features

Flow Micron Snowday Snowboard - Little Kids'

Flow Micron Snowday Snowboard - Little Kids': Your kids may be a little young for strapping in and tearing up the ski resort, but you can still foster an early love for shredding in little ones with the help of the Flow Little Kids' Micron Snowda

Melon Jackson Goggles

Melon Jackson Goggles: Classic design meets spunky colorways in the Melon Jackson Goggles. Designed to provide equal parts style and protection, the Jackson features a medium fit (179mm) for versatility, while the triple-la

Melon Parker Goggles

Melon Parker Goggles: Big pow means big grins and big fun, but your big fun can only go so far when you're optically impaired. So, the next time you're headed into the white room, make sure you reach for the Melon Parker G

POC Iris Stripes Goggle

POC Iris Stripes Goggle: The POC Iris Stripes Goggle features a classic, medium-sized frame shape with all the features you have come to expect from POC goggles. The double lens has an anti-scratch treatment on the outer lens

Ride Micro Snowboard Binding - Boys'

Ride Micro Snowboard Binding - Boys': Help your little dude get his shred legs under him with the Ride Boys' Micro Snowboard Binding. It has a soft flex that makes it easier to control his snowboard, and its single-strap design is easy fo

Shred Optics Tastic Goggles - Women's

Shred Optics Tastic Goggles - Women's: The Shred Optics Women's Tastic Goggles has everything you need in a goggle without all the fuss and frills of a goggle that is likely to break the bank. The easy-to-change spherical lens offers a wid

Never Summer Prospector Splitboard X - Wide

Never Summer Prospector Splitboard X - Wide: Seeking incredible stability and next-level response for dissecting steep lines and floating through fresh powder' If so, the Never Summer Prospector X Wide Splitboard is a great choice for the big-fo...

Burton x Black Scale Defender Bib Pant - Men's

Burton x Black Scale Defender Bib Pant - Men's: Constructed with Schoeller 3-layer Shape Memory fabric, the Burton x Black Scale Defender Bib Pant conforms to the outline of your body, retaining a perfect fit every time you suit up for battle on th...

Lib Technologies T.Rice Climax Snowboard

Lib Technologies T.Rice Climax Snowboard: Whether he's riding a remote peak in an untapped range or raising the bar for what tricks can be done in the backcountry, Travis Rice is always expanding the boundaries of what's possible on a snowboa...

Jones Snowboards Carbon Flagship Snowboard

Jones Snowboards Carbon Flagship Snowboard: Harness the powerful performance of the Jones Carbon Flagship Snowboard before slashing Alaskan spines, straight-lining Swiss steeps, or dropping pillows in BC's backcountry. Designed for expert freer...

Backcountry Access Snow Study Kit - 4 Piece

Backcountry Access Snow Study Kit - 4 Piece: Essential for anyone interested in the properties and behavior of the all-important snow crystal, the Backcountry Access Snow Study Kit will give you key info for snowpack evaluation. With a calibrati...

Black Diamond Evac 9 Shovel

Black Diamond Evac 9 Shovel: If you dig a lot of snow pits, or otherwise find yourself frequently moving large amounts of snow, the Black Diamond Evac 9 Shovel is the workhorse you want. It's Black Diamond's biggest shovel, with ...

Bolle Emperor Goggle

Bolle Emperor Goggle: Bolle has taken its cue from the oversized, spherical-lens goggle designs that have become all the rage with its Emperor Goggle. As its name suggests, the goggle is king of Bolle's line in terms of si...

Burton Splitboard Crampons

Burton Splitboard Crampons: Slide the Burton Splitboard Crampons into your touring brackets before skinning up slick skintracks, unnerving sidehills, and bulletproof traverses. Serrated teeth grab into firm alpine conditions for...

Flow Mini Micron Snowboard Boot - Kids'

Flow Mini Micron Snowboard Boot - Kids': Get your kid stoked on shredding from a young age with the Flow Kids' Mini Micron Snowboard Boot. It has a soft flex to allow easy turn intiation and keep junior comfy on the bunny hill all day long. ...

Melon Chief Goggles

Melon Chief Goggles: When it comes to style with ease, you're what some might call a man of authority. So, allow us to introduce you to the Melon Chief Goggles. The Chief features a wyling-and-styling, yet function-forwar...

Nitro D.I.Y. Snowboard Binding - Kids'

Nitro D.I.Y. Snowboard Binding - Kids': Made for younger riders with an independent streak, the Nitro Kids' D. I. Y. Snowboard Binding helps kids strap in and out without assistance from older siblings or parents. The Quick-Fit baseplate fe...

POC Lid Goggle Replacement Lens

POC Lid Goggle Replacement Lens: Replace your scratched-up old lenses or have a spare set for unpredictable light conditions with the POC Lid Goggle Replacement Lens. Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product cont...

Scott Dana Goggle - Women's

Scott Dana Goggle - Women's: If you're sick of feeling like your entire face is covered by your goggles, check out the Scott Women's Dana Goggle. Its women-specific design and fit will cover your eyes without swallowing your nose...

Uvex Skyper Lite Mirror Goggle - Women's

Uvex Skyper Lite Mirror Goggle - Women's: Style and function give each other a big hug in the Uvex Skyper Lite Mirror Women's Goggle, which sports a cylindrical double lens for optical clarity and a Supravision anti-fog coating to make sure y...

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