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The North Face Chunky Tube Scarf

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The North Face Chunky Tube Scarf: The North Face Chunky Tube Scarf has the warmth of a heavy-duty scarf, but without the bulk. A Fair Isle-inspired knit offers a rustic look, and the fleece lining promotes a warm and comfortable fit.

Sorel Addington Lux Cowl Scarf

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Sorel Addington Lux Cowl Scarf: At the crossroads of Chic Avenue and Cozy Style, you'll find the Sorel Addington Lux Cowl Scarf. This cool-weather staple features a merino wool knit that's equally as stylish as it is warm, while the

Coal Mesa Scarf

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Coal Mesa Scarf: Mesa Scarf

Pendleton Whisperwool Muffler

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Pendleton Whisperwool Muffler: Pendleton made the Whisperwool Muffler Scarf out of virgin merino wool for natural thermal regulation, odor-resistance, and a super soft feel that's sure to last.

Emilime Fuzz Scarf - Women's

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Emilime Fuzz Scarf - Women's: For argument's sake, the Emilime Women's Fuzz Scarf is about as classic as a hot cup of cocoa on a cold winter's day. This versatile scarf is handcrafted by master knitters in Peru, while the alpaca,

Patagonia Better Sweater Scarf

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Patagonia Better Sweater Scarf: Made from the same soft, cozy fleece as Patagonia's Better Sweater jackets, the Better Sweater Scarf is a great way to add extra warmth and a stylish touch to your outfit. The fleece fabric is quick-d

Ibex Fairisle Infinity Scarf

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Ibex Fairisle Infinity Scarf: Akin to distant Nordic mountain lands, the Ibex Fairisle Infinity Scarf elicits the amber warmth of a wood-fed stove, freshly dried rosemary, and the crisp, clean view of alpine lakes. This traditiona...

Mountain Hardwear Snowpass Scarf

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Mountain Hardwear Snowpass Scarf: Stepping out on a snowy night' Make sure you're wrapped up in the cozy and stylish Mountain Hardwear Snowpass Scarf when you do....

Genie by Eugenia Kim Dakota Scarf

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Genie by Eugenia Kim Dakota Scarf: With a stunning ombre knit and a plush acrylic fabric, the Genie by Eugenia Kim Dakota Scarf serves as both a stylish accessory and a way to keep cozy....

Pistil Celeste Scarf - Women's

Pistil Celeste Scarf - Women's: Luxuriously soft and lightweight, the Pistil Women's Celeste Scarf adds a nice accent to your outfit any time of year....

The North Face Knitting Club Scarf - Women's

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The North Face Knitting Club Scarf - Women's: You don't have to be particularly adept at wielding knitting needles or rolling skeins of yarn in order to appreciate The North Face Women's Knitting Club Scarf. This classic infinity scarf features a...

SmartWool Tabaretta Fringe Scarf

SmartWool Tabaretta Fringe Scarf: Toss on the SmartWool Tabaretta Fringe Scarf over your favorite fall sweater or classy winter dress. The single layer is made from merino wool and acrylic, and it slouches for a cozy fit that easily t...

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