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Sunday Afternoons Jazz Hat

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Sunday Afternoons Jazz Hat: You don't have to wail on the saxophone to look like a bonafide jazz musician, just throw on the Sunday Afternoons Jazz Hat. Made with a wool felt that blocks 98% of UV rays, it's as functional as it

Roark Revival Tracers Hat

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Roark Revival Tracers Hat: Keep your eyes on the prize (and out of the sun) with the Roark Revival Tracers Hat. The soft polyester construction, mesh back, and eye-catching front logo and print all come together to make this ha

ExOfficio BugsAway Classic Cap

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ExOfficio BugsAway Classic Cap: While your hiking partner's ears are barraged by the sound of buzzing bugs and whining mosquitoes, you'll be able to enjoy nature's more subtle sounds thanks to your Ex Officio BugsAway Classic Cap. A

ExOfficio BugsAway Adventure Hat

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ExOfficio BugsAway Adventure Hat: The Ex Officio BugsAway Adventure Hat protects you from bugs and UV rays whether you're hiking, camping, or paddling down rivers. The Insect Shield repellent provides long-lasting, effective, and conv

Sunday Afternoons Sunset Hat - Women's

Sunday Afternoons Sunset Hat - Women's: Ride off into the horizon with the Western-inspired silhouette of the Sunday Afternoons Sunset Hat. This cowboy hat features a 3. 75-inch shapeable brim and UPF 50+ rated fabric for protection from th

Outdoor Research Turnpoint Driver Cap

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Outdoor Research Turnpoint Driver Cap: The Outdoor Research Turnpoint Driver Cap makes morning drives to work a lot warmer.

Filson Mackinaw Cap

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Filson Mackinaw Cap: When you want to look just a little like a Yorkshire shepherd or an old-timey duck hunter, you can't do better than the Filson Mackinaw Cap. Made of water-resistant and warm wool, the Mackinaw keeps y

Outdoor Research Cira Cowboy Hat - Women's

Outdoor Research Cira Cowboy Hat - Women's: What's a week at the Creek without a hat fit for the Wild Wild West' Well, it's likely a week with some seriously bad hair days and maybe a sunburned snout. Snag the Outdoor Research Women's Cira Cowb

Outdoor Research Sun Bucket Hat

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Outdoor Research Sun Bucket Hat: The Outdoor Research Sun Bucket Hat protects your head from the sun on bright bluebird days in the outdoors. With UPF 50+ SolarShield fabric defending your melon from the sun's rays, the Sun Bucket ha...

Hurley Corp Hat

Hurley Corp Hat: Gear up for another sunny day with your hammock, board shorts, and Hurley's Corp Hat. A corporal of comfort, the Corp Hat salutes to relaxation and throws shade at anyone trying to get you out of the ...

Stormy Kromer Mercantile Original Stormy Kromer Cap

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Stormy Kromer Mercantile Original Stormy Kromer Cap: In a collaboration of legendary proportions, Stormy Kromer Mercantile worked with Harris Tweed to create the Harris Tweed Original Kromer Cap. This twist on the iconic Original Cap features Harris Twe...

Canada Goose Arctic Tech Shearling Pilot Hat

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Canada Goose Arctic Tech Shearling Pilot Hat: When the thermometer dips, pull on the Canada Goose Arctic Tech Shearling Pilot Hat and embrace the cold. Inspired by the hats that turn-of-the-century pilots wore in open cockpits, this hat is equipp...

Backcountry Low Pro Hat - Women's

Backcountry Low Pro Hat - Women's: While that billboard-style trucker hat will most certainly earn you some street cred at truck stops and roadside cafes when you're cruising the open highway, you may want to consider something a bit m...

Craghoppers Nat Geo NosiLife Ultimate Hat

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Craghoppers Nat Geo NosiLife Ultimate Hat: The Craghoppers Nat Geo NosiLife Ultimate Hat keeps the sun and bugs at bay while you fish, paddle, hike, and camp. Its Insect Shield is a long-lasting repellent against mosquitoes, flies, ticks, and ...

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