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Airhole Polar Ergo Airtube

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Airhole Polar Ergo Airtube: When the day gets frigid, like breath-freezing-to-eyelashes frigid, pull on the Airhole Polar Ergo Airtube. Made from acrylic fabric that stays warm even when it's wet, the Polar's perfect for icy pow

SmartWool NTS Mid 250 Balaclava

SmartWool NTS Mid 250 Balaclava: When the ridgeline above your favorite chute looks like a cresting wave in an offshore breeze, you'll be happy you brought the Smartwool Balaclava as backup. Pull it out, and you'll doubt that it has

Icebreaker Oasis Balaclava

Icebreaker Oasis Balaclava: It's necessary to have full coverage as you tear up the mountain, and the Icebreaker Oasis Balaclava accomplishes that with soft warmth. So no matter how nasty the weather looks that day, the midweigh

Buff Heavyweight Merino Wool Thermal Neckwarmer

Buff Heavyweight Merino Wool Thermal Neckwarmer: Treat your face to the plush, cozy comfort of the Buff Merino Wool Thermal Neckwarmer the next time you hit the slopes. Merino wool is soft and insulates when wet, so you stay warm even after you've b

Airhole Merino Ergo Airtube

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Airhole Merino Ergo Airtube: The Airhole Merino Ergo Airtube keeps your face warm when you're out on the slopes, while still allowing for easy breathing, talking, and drinking. The merino wool construction is warm, soft, breathab

Rab Shadow Neck Shield

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Rab Shadow Neck Shield: Keep your throat feeling fresh for that apres karaoke contest with the Shadow Neck Shield from Rab. Soft Polartec Power Stetch fabric shields you from the brunt of things, while Polartec Wind Pro fabr

Buff Original Buff - Multi Stripe Prints

Buff Original Buff - Multi Stripe Prints: Buff's Original Buff is still the best for skiing and snowboarding, especially when the chairlift's snowy winds try to freeze your face.

Columbia PFG Freezer Zero Neck Gaiter

Columbia PFG Freezer Zero Neck Gaiter: When you have your line tangled up in who-knows-what overhead, it's time to keep calm and remain chill, which is pretty dang easy to do when you're wearing the Columbia PFG Freezer Zero Neck Gaiter. C

Rab Shadow Balaclava

Rab Shadow Balaclava: No matter your alpine pursuit of choice, high winds, and bitter cold are probably in your future. Rab's Shadow Balaclava takes the sting out of foul alpine weather, with Polartec Power Stretch fabric

Airhole Hinge Cashmere Balaclava

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Airhole Hinge Cashmere Balaclava: Not just luxurious, the Airhole Hinge Cashmere Balaclava offers warmth and technical performance. It blends the lightweight softness of cashmere with the mositure-wicking performance of merino wool fo...

Spyder Shelter Pivot Balaclava

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Spyder Shelter Pivot Balaclava: You may feel safe and cozy underneath a fleece blanket, but it makes more sense to wear the Spyder Shelter Pivot Balaclava on the slopes. With a new helmet-compatible silhouette, the Shelter Pivot Bal...

Airhole Hinge Drytech Balaclava

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Airhole Hinge Drytech Balaclava: Stop settling for balaclavas that get soaked after your second run of the day and subsequently leave you freezing your face off. Instead, enjoy the quick-drying and moisture-wicking performance of the...

Buff Original Buff - Tie Dye Prints

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Buff Original Buff - Tie Dye Prints: Make windy chairlifts your peaceful place with Buff's Tie Dye Print Original Buff....

Castelli Thermo Head Thingy

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Castelli Thermo Head Thingy: Castelli wasn't exactly sure what to call its Thermo Head Thingy, but the name speaks to the piece's ability to be just about whatever you need it to be. Layer this fusion of a neck gaiter and face ma...

Icebreaker Apex Chute Neck Gaiter

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Icebreaker Apex Chute Neck Gaiter: From windblown days at the resort to bitter days in the backcountry, the Icebreaker Apex Chute Neck Gaiter offers crucial cold weather protection. A warmer version of Icebreaker's classic Flexi Chute,...

Outdoor Research Sonic Balaclava

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Outdoor Research Sonic Balaclava: The Outdoor Research Sonic Balaclava uses a combination of WindStopper and Polartec Wind Pro fleece fabrics. Why use these two materials' Windproof WindStopper material blocks nasty weather and provid...

Nike Therma-Fit 360 Neck Gaiter 2.0

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Nike Therma-Fit 360 Neck Gaiter 2.0: Don't let snow on the ground slow you down--stay warm during your winter runs with the Nike Therma-Fit 360 Neck Gaiter 2. 0. The Therma-Fit fabric traps your body heat for comfort in chilly conditions...

Mammut Pischa Neck Gaiter

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Mammut Pischa Neck Gaiter: Soft, smooth, stretch fleece makes Mammut's Pischa Neck Gaiter an excellent choice for freeriding skiers and snowboarders....

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