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Buy Wet Wednesdays Vol. 1 DVD

Wet Wednesdays Vol. 1 DVD

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Wet Wednesdays Vol. 1 DVD

Numbskull Productions video Wet Wednesdays Vol. 1 was filmed on the Willametter River near Portland, Oregon. Wet Wednesdays is one of the longest running wakeboarding competitions held in the Northwest. Numbskull Productions brings you just some of the action that happens every Wednesday from mid May to late August. You will see riding skills vary from a simple backroll, to doing some fo the most advanced tricks, like the s-bend. So not only take a look at how the riders fight the river traffic but the water condition itself. Make sure to look for more from Numbskull Productions coming this spring, as they will be bringing you some of the best amateur and up and coming professional wakeboard talent in the Northwest.

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