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Technine Icon Snowboard

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Technine Icon Snowboard

If there were an embassy dedicated to smooth presses, poppy feel, and lightweight freestyle fun, the Technine Icon would be its diplomat. The Technine Icon squashes icy uprisings and choppy coups with superior edge hold, thanks to ABS sidewalls, progressive sidecut, and three-layer rubber dampening. Featuring a true twin shape, classic camber profile, and Power Tech Ultra Lite core, the Icon is more than willing to negotiate any terrain you can throw its way. Technine has provided this board with ample torsional flex, yet it has loaded the Icon with plenty of stability, courtesy of a classic camber profile and bi-axial laminate. Camber has been used since the inception of snowboarding, providing a feel of stability when cruising the mountain, yet also allowing you to lock down presses with unmatched ease. The bi-axial fiberglass laminate allows for an ideal freestyle-focused flex and provides the buttery torsional feel that Technine team riders crave. Inside the guts of this board, you'll find a full tip-to-tail poplar wood core for the strength, stability, and control needed to rip apart the entire mountain. Full-length carbon stringers have been added to the core, boosting ollie power and enhancing stability when stomping hard landings. A honeycomb insert has been milled into the center of the board, saving precious weight for sending huge airs off jumps and kickers alike. The base of this board is extruded, allowing you to skip a day of waxing, if so desired. An extruded base is more of a low-maintenance material, and it is easily repaired, ideal for the hard abuse freestyle boards often are subjected to.

Model Year: 2014

Sizes: 157cm, 154cm, 151cm

Colors: Zeppelin, Plane

UPC's: 295381306371, 295381306364

SKU's: F13BOICO/Z-157, F13BOICO/Z-154, F13BOICO/Z-151, F13BOICO/P-157, F13BOICO/P-154, F13BOICO/P-151

Retail Price $ 399.95

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