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Smith I/O Replacement Goggle Lens description:

Smith designed the I/O Goggle for easy lens swapping. Take advantage of it with the I/O Replacement Goggle Lens. Whether you cracked your current lens falling down the stairs in a drunken stupor or you just want some help on flat-light days, Smith has you covered.

Model Year: 2011, 2010

Sizes: One Size

Colors: Sensor Mirror, Red Sensor Mirror, Platinum Mirror, Green Mirror Sol-X, Clear, RC Polar, RC36, Red Mirror Sol-X, Ignitor Mirror

UPC's: 715757257408, 715757353438, 715757257415, 715757353261, 715757257446, 715757380502, 715757257439, 715757353278, 715757257422


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Smith I/O Replacement Goggle Lens Customer Review(s):

I/O Lense Problems!

Rating (1-5): 2 | Reviewed By: rya3839893

I'm not gunna lie I had a ton of issues with my lenses last year. I had 2 sets of red sol-x mirror somehow get moisture between the lenses which left a pitted look and greatly effected visibility. Luckily I am friend with the shop and they sent them back both times to Smith who replaced them for free but because of the high demand for that particular lense I went most of the year without my sunny day lenses. I have been using a variety of smiths for 20 years but this is my first spherical google that has the edge of the lense exposed. I have never had 1 issue with moisture getting trapped between the lenses until this new pair. My buddy who I do 90% of my skiing with got the POC spherical google and had a similar but not as prevalent issue. I'm not gunna lie we are doing some serious powder hunting in the BC so we are getting a lot of snow on our googles and the heat from hiking and riding snowmobiles often melts it, but still, never had a problem with my fully framed googles. Had several problems with my spherical lenses. On a side note, they look bad ass and the field of view is amazing. I would guess if you are not getting face shots all day they might not get that moisture between the lenses.

Best pair of Goggles

Rating (1-5): 5 | Reviewed By: 303skier

I got these goggles when they first came out 2 years ago, there's a reason i never went back to Oakley. these goggles are awesome change the lens when i get to the ski area in the morning. these fit great and they are comfortable. my only grip about these are they wont go over my helmet even though i did away with that style a long time ago. to any one indecisive these goggles are the best i have owned, You cannot go wrong.

Must have.

Rating (1-5): 5 | Reviewed By: Angel Collinson

The greatest part about the I/O goggles is how easy and fast it is to switch lenses. Smith makes a large variety of replacement lenses- and extra lenses don't take up any room. They are so nice to have if the light changes or you forgot to dry out the lenses that are in your goggles from yesterday and they start fogging up. My favorite lenses for low light are the red sensor mirrors, and for super sunny days any of the Sol-X are great. Most goggles come with the Ignitor mirror, which is a medium light/ allaround lens.