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Sanuk Tiki Sandal - Boys' description:

Set your kid up with the Tiki Sandal from Sanuk. This lightweight sandal has an EVA footbed with Happy U Embossing that will channel happiness into your child's foot. A comfy rubber strap keeps his foot in place so he can go up and get seconds on tofu-burgers from the grill. These Tikis are vegan and vegetarian.

Model Year: 2012, 2011

Sizes: XS, XXL, S, L, XL, M

Colors: Rasta, Brown, Black/Blue

UPC's: 643388240301, 643388240219, 643388240165, 643388240172, 643388240196, 643388240356, 643388240349, 643388240318, 643388240325, 643388240332, 643388240202, 643388240189

SKU's: SKS2902-RTA-XS, SKS2902-BRN-XXL, SKS2902-BRN-XS, SKS2902-BRN-S, SKS2902-BRN-L, SKS2902-RTA-XXL, SKS2902-RTA-XL, SKS2902-RTA-S, SKS2902-RTA-M, SKS2902-RTA-L, SKS2902-BRN-XL, SKS2902-BRN-M, SKS2902-BKB-XS, SKS2902-BKB-XL, SKS2902-BKB-S, SKS2902-BKB-M, SKS2902-BKB-L

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