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Roxy Mimosa V Flip Flop - Women's$
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Roxy Mimosa III Sandal - Womens description:

Ocean spray, pool splashes, shower suds, mucky river bottoms, late-night drink spills\\227none of it bothers the Roxy Mimosa III Sandals.

Model Year: 2012

Sizes: 9.0, 8.0, 7.0, 6.0, 10.0

Colors: White/Black/Pinstripe, Rainbow/Black/White, Print, Multi, Multi Logo/Black/White/Polka Dot, Coral/Blue/White Stripe, Black/White/Polka Dot/Stripe, Black Combo

UPC's: 883861172938, 883861172921, 883861172914, 883861172952, 883861172891, 883861172884, 883861172877, 883861172860, 883861172907, 883861172846, 883861172839, 883861172822, 883861172815, 883861172853, 883861172945

SKU's: N457R32PK-WBP-9, N457R32PK-WBP-8, N457R32PK-WBP-7, N457R32PK-WBP-6, 457R32-AST-9, 457R32-AST-8, 457R32-AST-7, 457R32-AST-6, 457R32-AST-10, 457R32-PRT- 8, 457R32-PRT- 7, 457R32-PRT- 6, 457R32-PRT-10, 457R32-MUL- 9, 457R32-MUL- 8, 457R32-MUL- 7, 457R32-MUL- 6, 457R32-MUL-10, 457R32-BPT-9, 457R32-BPT-8, 457R32-BPT-7, 457R32-BPT-6, 457R32-BPT-10, N457R32PK-COR-9, N457R32PK-COR-8, N457R32PK-COR-7, N457R32PK-BLK-9, N457R32PK-BLK-6, N457R32PK-BLK-10, 457R32-BCC- 9, 457R32-BCC- 8, 457R32-BCC- 7, 457R32-BCC- 6, 457R32-BCC-10, N457R32PK-WBP-10, 457R32-PRT- 9, N457R32PK-COR-6, N457R32PK-COR-10, N457R32PK-BLK-8, N457R32PK-BLK-7

Retail Price $ 19.00