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Roxy Dinghy Wool Shoe - Women's description:

Don't underestimate the oh-so-comfy power of the Roxy Women's Dinghy Wool Shoe. This cush kick has a padded sock insole with a cozy faux fur lining that makes your feet melt. Plus its classic textured wool, matching collar, metal eyelets, and faux-leather lace easily put you in a relaxed state. All you'll want to do is swing in your hammock or chill on your porch.

Model Year: 2011

Sizes: 9.5, 7.5, 7.0, 6.5, 6.0, 8.5, 8.0, 10.0, 9.0

Colors: Medium Grey/Natural/Light Pink Wool Plaid, Diesel/Black/Blue Wool Houndstooth

UPC's: 883458076496, 883458076489, 883458076472, 883458076465, 883458076595, 883458076588, 883458076571, 883458076564, 883458076557, 883458076540, 883458076618, 883458076526, 883458076519, 883458076502, 883458076533, 883458076601

SKU's: L457P73PK-GRA-95, L457P73PK-GRA-75, L457P73PK-GRA-7, L457P73PK-GRA-65, L457P73PK-GRA-6, L457P73PK-GYB-95, L457P73PK-GYB-85, L457P73PK-GYB-8, L457P73PK-GYB-75, L457P73PK-GYB-7, L457P73PK-GYB-65, L457P73PK-GYB-6, L457P73PK-GYB-10, L457P73PK-GRA-9, L457P73PK-GRA-85, L457P73PK-GRA-8, L457P73PK-GRA-10, L457P73PK-GYB-9

Retail Price $ 49.00