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Rome Garage Rocker Snowboard

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Rome Garage Rocker Snowboard

Looking for a bonafide shred stick that won't break the bank Strap yourself into the Rome Garage Rocker Snowboard for proven park performance that won't leave you in the poor house. This medium-soft deck slays jibs, jumps, and freestyle features, yet it's never out of place when you're playfully cruising the entire mountain. Designed with Rome's FreePop Rocker, the Garage Rocker has flat camber throughout its mid-section with rockered tip and tail regions for easy presses and butters. The board's TTT wood core is enhanced with Bambooster Centerline tech, allowing you to boost off jumps, gap onto kinked rails, and ollie off rollers with ease. StraightBiax laminates keep things buttery smooth and torsionally soft for a deck that's at home launching small-to-medium jumps and jibbing through the park. Glass Reverse V Stringer tech adds a bit of extra pop for snapping ollies and nollies without sacrificing its playful torsional flex. Additionally, its QuickRip sidecut gives you two additional mid-board contact points for extra grip when conditions are icy, and its extruded base is easily repaired, should you decide to thrash it on rails all season long.

Model Year: 2014

Sizes: 159cm, 156cm, 154cm, 152cm, 148cm

Colors: One Color

UPC's: 609408683015, 609408683008, 609408682995, 609408682988, 609408682971

SKU's: 15SB3017105, 15SB3017104, 15SB3017103, 15SB3017102, 15SB3017101

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