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Rome Artifact Rocker Snowboard

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Rome Artifact Rocker Snowboard

For those who love nose pressin' and pretzelin' off every jib and rail in sight, the Rome Artifact Rocker Snowboard is your dream come true. Featuring a true twin shape, super buttery flex, and Rome's JibPop Rocker camber, this board is built specifically for park rats and jib monkeys. The board's JibPop Rocker camber features a small flat section in between the binding inserts for balancing on rails. The rest of the board is rockered, from just before the inserts out to the tip and tail. This makes for easy presses and an extremely buttery flex. Beefing up the durability of a board that's built to be destroyed through grinding and jibbing, Rome has added Glass Impact Plates underneath the bindings to reinforce the core. A 4mm glass HotRod has also been inserted into the core, making for spring-loaded ollies and nollies. Adding a bit more edge hold to a super-buttery board is crucial, and Rome has placed a Quickrip sidecut on the Artifact Rocker to give it more grip when hauling down icy park runs. This technology also allows your board to turn like a more playful, shorter board when riding at slow speeds.

Model Year: 2014

Sizes: 156cm, 153cm, 150cm, 147cm, 144cm

Colors: One Color

UPC's: 609408191756, 609408191749, 609408191732, 609408191725, 609408191718


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