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Buy Reef Butter 3 Sandal - Women's

Reef Butter 3 Sandal - Women's

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Reef Butter 3 Sandal - Women's

When day turns to night, sometimes you need more than just cool, comfortable footwear You need a classy addition to your evening attire. The heel wedge on the classy Reef Women's Butter 2 Sandal lifts you above the average, casual flip while laser-etched leather straps secure your foot to the smooth leather footbed. Soft EVA foam in the midsole and hardened EVA footbed dish out the kind of cushion a girl on the move can appreciate.

Model Year: 2012, 2011

Sizes: 9.0, 8.0, 7.0, 6.0, 10.0, 5.0

Colors: Brown, Black

UPC's: 617932386326, 617932386319, 617932386302, 617932386296, 617932386333, 617932386647, 617932386630, 617932386623, 617932386463, 617932386654, 617932386289

SKU's: RF-001711BRO9, RF-001711BRO8, RF-001711BRO7, RF-001711BRO6, RF-001711BRO10, RF-001711BLA9, RF-001711BLA8, RF-001711BLA7, RF-001711BLA6, RF-001711BLA10, RF-001711BRO-050

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