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Buy Nomis SC Signature Jacket - Mens

Nomis SC Signature Jacket - Mens

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Nomis SC Signature Jacket - Mens

Simon Chamberlain has never been known to forfeit style in anything he does. Seriously, dude probably even has a styled-out way of sleep-walking. That being said, it shouldn't come as any surprise that the Nomis SC Signature Jacket, like its namesake, encompasses what it is to be both technical and stylish.

Model Year: 2011

Sizes: XL, M, LT, L, XLT

Colors: Electric Red, Dark Purps Hidden Camo, Bright Blue, Bright Blue Hidden, Black, Black Hidden Camo

UPC's: 883987555721, 883987555691, 883987555714, 883987555707, 883987555837, 883987555509, 883987555431, 883987555424, 883987555394, 883987555417, 883987555400, 883987555233, 883987555226, 883987555196, 883987555219, 883987555202, 883987555325, 883987555295, 883987555318, 883987555301, 883987555820, 883987555790, 883987555813, 883987555806, 883987555530, 883987555523, 883987555493, 883987555516, 883987555332, 883987555738

SKU's: 50048-ELCRED-XL, 50048-ELCRED-M, 50048-ELCRED-LT, 50048-ELCRED-L, 50048-DPHC-XLT, 50048-BRBLU-L, 50048-BBH-XLT, 50048-BBH-XL, 50048-BBH-M, 50048-BBH-LT, 50048-BBH-L, 50048-BLK-XLT, 50048-BLK-XL, 50048-BLK-M, 50048-BLK-LT, 50048-BLK-L, 50048-BHC-XL, 50048-BHC-M, 50048-BHC-LT, 50048-BHC-L, 50048-DPHC-XL, 50048-DPHC-M, 50048-DPHC-LT, 50048-DPHC-L, 50048-BRBLU-XLT, 50048-BRBLU-XL, 50048-BRBLU-M, 50048-BRBLU-LT, 50048-BHC-XLT, 50048-ELCRED-XLT

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