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Buy L1 Iggy Pant - Mens
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L1 Iggy Pant - Mens

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L1 Iggy Pant - Men's$
L1 Iggy Pant - Men's$

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L1 Iggy Pant - Mens

L1 looked to the armed forces for the Iggy pants' styling inspiration. These snowboard pants features a durable ripstop material that has been vintage-washed and aged for a broken-in look and feel. Store your items safely in the convenient cargo pockets on the thighs and in the additional pocket on your right with an exposed, contrasting zipper. L1's regular fit is comfortably situated between alpine-thug and shred-gypsy styles.The military-styled Iggy pants come straight from the barracks with a 10K-rated waterproof breathable membrane. L1 also taped the critical seams to keep water from sneaking in through typically weak areas of snowboard pants. L1's Balls-Out venting system cools things down when it gets too hot inside, and a stylish shoelace belt keeps everything safely inside, even if you're rockin' the low-rise look. A jacket-to-pant connection lets you turn your pants and jacket into a snow-proof fortress. Speaking of fortresses, L1's boot gaiters and a reinforced seat ensure weather is kept out season after season. The Iggy pants also have 40g synthetic insulation at the seat and knees so you don't freeze while you're waiting for your crew.

Model Year: 2013

Sizes: M, L, XXL, XL, S

Colors: Dark Khaki, Black, Woodlands Camo, Warm Grey

UPC's: 848438144060, 848438144077, 848438144039, 848438144022, 848438143995, 848438144008, 848438144015, 848438144206, 848438144176, 848438144183, 848438144190, 848438144091, 848438144084, 848438144053

SKU's: L1-203-13-DKH-M, L1-203-13-DKH-L, L1-203-13-BLK-XXL, L1-203-13-BLK-XL, L1-203-13-BLK-S, L1-203-13-BLK-M, L1-203-13-BLK-L, L1-203-13-WDC-XXL, L1-203-13-WDC-XL, L1-203-13-WDC-S, L1-203-13-WDC-M, L1-203-13-WDC-L, L1-203-13-WMG-XXL, L1-203-13-WMG-XL, L1-203-13-DKH-XXL, L1-203-13-DKH-XL, L1-203-13-DKH-S, L1-203-13-WMG-S, L1-203-13-WMG-M, L1-203-13-WMG-L

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