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Flow Drifter Snowboard

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Flow Drifter Snowboard

Riding is way more fun when you don't pigeonhole yourself into just one style. So strap into the Flow Drifter snowboard and slay everything in your way like it's all the same thing. This all-terrain shred stick is built on Flow's I-Rock rocker/camber profile and a directional twin shape, for stability and control from powdery steeps to hard packed park features. The medium flex gets better with a whole bunch of tech that makes it responsive, without making it overly stiff or hard to ride. In other words, the Drifter is at home anywhere it goes. The Drifter is built on Flow's I-Rock profile, which means it's rockered between the feet for a floaty, catch free ride, and the tip and tail are cambered for powerful turns and solid ollies. The directional twin shape gives you a bit more nose for high speed stability, without sacrificing the ability to ride switch. The super-light Reflex core is snappy and responsive. Four Whiskey Rocks inserts underneath your heels and toes crank up both strength and edge response, while the Whiskey Shooter carbon stringers radiate towards the tips for powerful ollies, while still providing a loose ride and plenty of of torsional give. The Rock Band carbon stringer between the feet yields a slightly convex base for jibbing freedom and easy turn initiation. The sintered 4400 base is highly porous, so it holds a ton of wax and keeps you sliding lightning fast around the hill.

Model Year: 2013

Sizes: 162cm, 159cm, 156cm, 153cm

Colors: One Color

UPC's: 845493040054, 845493040047, 845493040030, 845493040023


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