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Buy DC Tone Snowboard - Wide
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DC Tone Snowboard - Wide

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DC Tone Snowboard - Wide

One day you'll be shredding the slopes and you'll notice that something is amiss. Perhaps it's a Saturday and all the lifts are empty. As you approach ski patrol to see what's up, you notice that they're full-on zombies! Have no fear, just quickly ratchet yourself into the DC Tone Wide Snowboard. With the lightning-fast Sintered Supreme base, you easily bomb past these brain-feasting zombies. Making your way to the mid-mountain area, you're suddenly swarmed by half-eaten, decomposing tourists! You survive by throwing a massive 360, chopping off the heads of these zombies with your razor sharp edges and raised Anti Camber zones, which rise 4mm above the rest of the board. You stomp the landing with authority and dodge the remaining flesh-seekers. As you approach the base area, you reflect on your narrow escapes. Through the combination of a poppy Stratus wood core and rockered, Anti-Camber zones, you were able to boost that gigantic 360. Upon further reflection, you remember that you didn't wash out the landing. Unlike other rockered decks that you'd previously tested, the stability of the Tone Wide snowboard, courtesy of a Camber Core engineered within the Anti-Camber zones, saved your life.And what could be responsible for the dexterity needed to negotiate around the last of brain-feasting gapers Of course, the Quadrax laminate provided the progressive control needed to turn on a dime. Survive the necropocalypse, ride a DC Tone Wide Snowboard for the stability, control, and pop needed to negotiate zombie-infested slopes.

Model Year: 2014

Sizes: 154cm wide, 157cm wide

Colors: Multi

UPC's: 886959519929, 886959519943

SKU's: ADYSB00006-MUL-154cm wide, ADYSB00006-MUL-157cm wide

Retail Price $ 399.95

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