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DC Worker Pant - Men's$26.37Dogfunk.com
DC Worker Pant - Men's$26.37Backcountry.com
DC Banshee 15 Snow Pants$129.95US Outdoor Store
DC Banshee Shell Snowboard Pant (Men's)$84.99Peter Glenn Ski & Sports
DC Banshee 15 Snow Pant - Men's$129.99AlsSports.com
Working Man III Chino Pant$59.95Jack's Surfboards
DC Banshee K Insulated Snowboard Pants Black$53.95ProBoardShop.com
DC Banshee K Insulated Snowboard Pants Black$53.95The House

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DC Manning Pant - Men's description:

If you throw your style around in a barrage of inverts, presses, slides, and slashes, the other players on the field will quickly notice who's in control of the park. But that extra attention won't just be because your skills. Your stinesse demands attention, for sure, but your decision to perform in the DC Men's Manning Pant is how you stay dry, cool, and in dominant form.

Model Year: 2011

Sizes: XXL, XL, S, L, M

Colors: Lime Green, Heather Galvanized, Black, Royal Purple

UPC's: 885112845240, 885112845233, 885112845202, 885112845226, 885112845141, 885112845158, 885112845097, 885112845219, 885112845103, 885112845172, 885112845165, 885112845134, 885112845066, 885112845073, 885112845080

SKU's: 54601096-4271005, 54601096-4271004, 54601096-4271001, 54601096-4271003, 54601096-4430002, 54601096-4430003, 54601096-000004, 54601096-4271002, 54601096-000005, 54601096-RPP-L, 54601096-4430005, 54601096-4430004, 54601096-4430001, 54601096-000001, 54601096-000002, 54601096-000003, 54601096-RPP-M, 54601096-RPP-S, 54601096-RPP-XL, 54601096-RPP-XXL

Retail Price $ 170.00