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Burton Doom Bonded Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt - Boys' description:

Are you seriously planning on hiking the pipe in that jacket You're gonna cook. Spring riding means breathable clothing. That's where the Burton Boys' Doom Hooded Sweatshirt shines. This super-breathable sweatshirt is made from DRYRIDE bonded fleece, so it breathes as well as cotton, but it won't absorb water like cotton and it dries much more quickly.

Model Year: 2011

Sizes: L, S, M, XL

Colors: True Black, Sugar Cane Colorblock, Rasta Trippleo Print, Orangeman Colorblock, Col. Mustard, Argon Fade Stripe, Argon Cloud Camo, Cardinal

UPC's: 885197848488, 885197848556, 885197848563, 885197848570, 885197848846, 885197848853, 885197848860, 885197848877, 885197848815, 885197848808, 885197848792, 885197848785, 885197848761, 885197848594, 885197848600, 885197848617, 885197848679, 885197848518, 885197848501, 885197848495, 885197848754, 885197848747, 885197848730, 885197848693, 885197848709, 885197848716, 885197848723, 885197848624, 885197848648, 885197848655, 885197848662, 885197848549

SKU's: 253320002L, 253320255S, 253320255M, 253320255L, 253320958XL, 253320958S, 253320958M, 253320958L, 253320852XL, 253320852S, 253320852M, 253320852L, 253320752XL, 253320441XL, 253320441S, 253320441M, 253320475L, 253320002XL, 253320002S, 253320002M, 253320752S, 253320752M, 253320752L, 253320620XL, 253320620S, 253320620M, 253320620L, 253320441L, 253320475XL, 253320475S, 253320475M, 253320255XL

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