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Burton Custom Snowboard

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Burton Custom Snowboard

There Burton Custom is one of the true icons in snowboarding. It's been a favorite of pros and Joes alike for about two decades thanks to its versatility. The traditional camber lays down powerful turns and stomps landings, and the control gets a boost from Frostbite edges. A laundry list of tech keeps the weight down and the response way up, which helps dial in new tricks, whether it's a back three or a double cork. If you want a powerful ride for the entire mountain, the Custom just keeps getting better. The traditional camber found on the Custom is a team favorite for its solid landings and powerful turns. The edge hold gets a boost from Frostbite edges, which places bumps in the sidecut underneath your feet, to give you even more grip. It has a mild 10mm of stance setback, for directional stability, but the twin flex means that charging switch into that big step down won't be an issue. The lightweight Super Fly II core keeps the overall weight down to help with technical tricks. The weight is further reduced through Pro-Tip construction in the tip and tail, which knock the swing weight down for faster spins. The Squeezebox profile is thinner underneath the binding for unrestricted board feel and uninterrupted flex, and the Highlights High Voltage carbon stringers radiate out from the binding to give you more response without making the deck unnecessarily stiff. The Channel mounting system works in conjunction with EST bindings to give you unlimited setup options and a natural flex instead of dead spots under the bindings. Plus, it has a super-fast, wax absorbent WFO sintered base to keep you flying all over the mountain.

Model Year: 2013

Sizes: 163cm, 160cm, 158cm, 156cm, 154cm, 151cm, 148cm

Colors: One Color

UPC's: 886888426190, 886888426183, 886888426176, 886888426169, 886888426152, 886888426145, 886888426138

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