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Burton Clash Snowboard

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Burton Clash Snowboard

Progression is the name of the game when you're strapped into the Burton Clash Snowboard. This beginner-to-intermediate deck features a soft-flexing feel and continuous V-Rocker profile for easy-turning confidence without catching unwanted edges or being beaten up by an overly stiff, unruly board. Its slightly tapered (3 to 6-millimeters, depending on size) directional shape helps you conquer mid-morning groomers and float through untracked pow like a champ, which is astoundingly awesome for an 'entry-level' board aimed at inspiring confidence on the slopes. Although set-back about an inch, the Clash retains a twin flex pattern, allowing you to try your hand at switch carving and tricks without sacrificing much in the way of performance. New for this year, Burton placed their Super Fly core into the Clash for a lightweight feel with plenty of snap and response. This Super Fly core features Squeezebox Low core profiling, meaning that the board's ends, just after the binding inserts, are beefed-up for better energy transfer, subsequently making turning a bit easier. Additionally, you'll find the board's easy-flexing biax fiberglass makes for effortless turn initiation without unwanted stiffness or rigidity getting in your way. Throw in a low-maintenance extruded base for a board that's ideal for riders looking for an easy-riding deck that requires minimal waxing.

Model Year: 2014

Sizes: 139cm, 151cm, 155cm, 158cm, 145cm, 160cm

Colors: Red, Blue, Green

UPC's: 886888953610, 886888953634, 886888953641, 886888953658, 886888953627, 886888953665

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