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Bern Baker Hard Hat Audio Helmet w/Knit Liner description:

The Bern Baker Hard Hat Audio Helmet w/ Knit Liner is a thoughtfully-designed, bombproof ski and snowboard helmet that will outlast your skis, clothes, and leg muscles. Remove the fuzzy knit liner and turn it into a four-season lid.

Model Year: 2009

Sizes: L, XXL, XL, M, S

Colors: Matte Black/Plaid, Matte Black/Black, Matte Grey Eric Pollard, Matte Black/Red Seth Wescott

UPC's: 843990015810, 877341004253, 877341004260, 843990015896, 843990015872, 843990015674, 877341004239, 843990015681, 843990015667, 843990015650, 843990015643

SKU's: M48P-L, M4H8-XXL, M4H8-XL, M4H8-M, M4H8-L, M4KGP-XL, M4KGP-S, M4KGP-L, M48WH-XL, M4KGP-XXL, M4KGP-M, M48P-XL, M48P-S, M4H8-S, M48WH-XXL, M48WH-S, M48WH-M, M48WH-L, M48P-XXL, M48P-M

Retail Price $ 87.96

Bern Baker Hard Hat Audio Helmet w/Knit Liner Customer Review(s):

Helmet worked great - didn't use the speakers yet.

Rating (1-5): 4 | Reviewed By: Brian

I used this helmet last week and had a couple of minor spills, and my head felt fine afterwards - no headache or anything. This is my first helmet, and I actually found it really convenient compared to a hat because your goggles strap into the helmet and you don't have to worry about losing them when you take them off to see better. I can't report on the sound quality of the speakers because I didn't end up using them this past trip. After a few hours of wearing the helmet, the liner started to bother my ears, probably because of the speakers inside. It wasn't too bad though, and if you're going to be listening to music it's about as comfortable as you'd expect to find in an audio helmet.

Pretty good, but not perfect

Rating (1-5): 4 | Reviewed By: aaron2162229

For one thing, this is technically not a helmet. It is not as strong or as well padded as a Leedom or Smith helmet. This one is definitely a lot better than nothing, but especially if you're a parent, that might be a concern for you. My other slight beef with this helmet is that its very deep, so i ended up having to add some padding on the top to make it comfortable. On the positive side, this helmet is light, warm, and looks great. It also has a much better goggle clip than my previous helmet, which is really nice. I lost a pair of Oakleys off the other helmet, so that's important to me.

Best way to rock tunes on the mountain

Rating (1-5): 5 | Reviewed By: THOMAS ARMENTO

If you're tired of ear buds that drown out all the noise even when your music player is off, this helmet is the best alternative. Not only is it incredibly warm and snug, but I find the low profile visor on the Baker Hard Hat more useful than something you see on the Giro G10 MX (also a great helmet but the visor can be cumbersome at times). If you read any reviews on this helmet, most of the complaints are about how the wind can quiet the music down while skiing. I don't see this as much of a problem: just mach down the mountain back to the lift as quickly as possibly and enjoy the tunes again.