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Arbor Vugenhausen Koa Longboard$
Arbor Vugenhausen Koa Longboard$

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Arbor Blunt Koa Longboard description:

Who needs a stinky ta'bacee leaf when you can roll the Arbor Blunt Koa Longboard We're all for a dance with Mary Jane before you step out the door (or while you're riding the Blunt in one of the more relaxed states), but the Arbor Blunt's dark koa topsheet is more pleasant to the eyes and lungs than any low-grade leaf. Besides, this board is big enough to sit or go coffin-style at that pivotal point when you're just too wrecked to stand the whole way home.

Model Year: 2011

Sizes: 44in

Colors: Koa

SKU's: RBKC-44

Retail Price $ 169.50

Arbor Blunt Koa Longboard Customer Review(s):

got blunted

Rating (1-5): 4 | Reviewed By: Emerson Takahashi

These boards are very fun to ride. It's a do-it-all kind of ride, and surprisingly excellent at carving. I loosened the trucks on these suckers and it got very responsive while still being stable at speed. It's an incredibly stiff board, so rolling around bumpy streets got the legs a little numb... but it will RIP down any hill. Also, the kick tail and nose are definitely nice to bustin out those steezy manuals