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Anon Figment Goggle

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Anon Figment Goggles Black/Silver Amber Lens$
Anon Figment Goggles - Men's$52.22Berg's Ski and Snowboard Shop
Anon Figment Goggles Bluerayz/Blue Lagoon Lens$
Anon Figment Goggle Replacement Lens$
Anon Figment Goggles Black/Silver Amber Lens$74.95The House
Anon Figment Goggle Replacement Lens$
Anon Figment Snow Goggle$75.96US Outdoor Store
Anon Figment Goggles$

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Anon Figment Goggle

Strap on the Anon Figment Goggle and you won't have to leave much to the imagination. The cylindrical lens has been a staple since before you were born, and it's made from polycarbonate for durability. The dual layer face foam keeps them snug against your face, and fogging won't be an issue thanks to the Full Perimeter Channel venting. A medium fit frame fits, you guessed it, medium sized faces. The styling is classic, but these are anything but old school.

Model Year: 2013

Sizes: One Size

Colors: White/Silver Amber, Triple/Green Solex, Sherpa/Blue Lagoon, Mellow Yellow/Red Solex, Steel Drum/Gold Chrome, Matterhorn/Dark Smoke, Lead/Red Solex, Black/Silver Amber, Black Emblem/Gold Chrome

UPC's: 886888502771, 886888502801, 886888502788, 886888502825, 886888502818, 886888502733, 886888502740, 886888502719, 886888502726

SKU's: 10759100106NA, 10759100412NA, 10759100201NA, 10759100702NA, 10759100601NA, 10759100021NA, 10759100063NA, 10759100008NA, 10759100010NA

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