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Sean Busby was born on August 21, 1984 in Mission Viejo, California. During his high school years, Sean's professional snowboarding career relocated him to Whistler B.C. to train at the British Columbia Development Center with members of the Canadian National Snowboard Team and then to Steamboat Springs, Colorado with members of the US team with sights on the Winter Olympics. Sean was then quickly drawn into the Colorado backcountry which took him away from commercialized slopes and gave him a new freedom that only big mountain riding could provide. Now residing in Mount Pleasant, Utah, Sean balances his riding career in addition to being the snowboarding programs director for the Wasatch Academy and running his own snowboarding foundation for children's hospitals around the world. Sean's riding focus is on big mountain snowboard mountaineering with remote snowboarding expeditions to some of the most unique places on the planet. He credits a strong snowboard racing background to his success and prefers hiking to earn his turns rather then riding the lifts. Some of his most recent snowboarding accomplishments include various first accents and snowboarding descents in Antarctica, New Zealand, and Patagonia. Some of Sean's upcoming snowboarding expeditions include a return to Antarctica and expeditions in the USA, Tibet, Iceland, Greenland, Romania, and India. Other recent accomplishments include a bachelors degree in Health Promotion and Education from the University of Utah, snowboard media features with CNBC, NBC, ESPN, ABC, Inner Strength and Countdown for Kids magazines, KFWB News Radio - LA., and multiple book and news print publications. Competition accomplishments include 4 time champion of West Coast games, 3rd place pro men kokanee Series - Whistler/Blackcomb; Numerous finals - on North American Tour (4 x Norquay, Alberta, 1 x Cypress, B.C., and 2x Alberta Cup - Canada Olympic Park, AB). During his short off season, Sean tours around North America speaking to schools, hospitals, foundations, and camps about his snowboarding expeditions.

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