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Marie Hucal Dances

Snowboarding News: Transworld Snowboarding | Thursday March 05, 2015

Marie Hucal just had back surgery and is recovering from some pretty heavy injuries, we want to wish her a speedy recovery so we can continue enjoying her awesome snowboarding. The post Marie Hucal Dances . Shared by: Transworld Snowboarding Read Article...

Jetpack Marie Hucal Dances

Snowboarding News: Snowboarder Mag | Saturday February 28, 2015

words: Marie Hucal song: Christine Hucal Where one story end, a new story begins. Halfway through last winter’s polar vortex I began to struggle more than ever. We all struggle sometimes, however the persistent act of falling on my ass led me to believe I had a deeper issue. I pushed through the... Shared by: Snowboarder Mag Read Article...

Danyale Patterson Friends In Tres Hard

Snowboarding News: Gnu | Monday November 17, 2014

Danyale Patterson released her newest Too Hard project featuring all your favorite JibGurlz in TRES HARD. Check it out! Featured JibGurlz: Danyale Patterson, Madison Blackley, Corinne Pasela, Fancy Rutherford, Laura Rogoski, Leanne Pelosi, Hana Beaman, Dina Treland, Taylor Elliott, Rachida Aoulad, Caroline Degardh, Tove Holmgren, Maria Thomsen, Danika Duffy, Kumara Kelley, Alexa McCarty,... Shared by: Gnu Read Article...


Snowboarding News: | Saturday October 11, 2014

POLARISHuntington Beach, CA USA (Wednesday Oct 08, 2014) – Riders: Marie Hucal, Corinne Pasela, Isabella Borriello, Nirvana Ortanez, Danika Duffy, Mary Rand, Alexa McCarty, Amanda Hankison, Alex Cato, Christian Hobush, Oliver Dixon, Desiree Melancon, Toby Witte, Vinny, Madison Blackley, Pat Bridges, Mamba, Kit Shared by: Read Article...

Ms Superpark 2014 Begins At Mammoth Mountain Day 1 Photos And Recap

Snowboarding News: Snowboarder Mag | Wednesday April 16, 2014

words: Mary Walsh and Jenna Kuklinski It’s not often that one gets to witness a group of highly skilled female snowboarders sessioning a sizable hip; the option just isn’t presented enough. This year, Ms. Superpark returned to Mammoth Mountain for the third time in the event’s tenure and the Mammoth Unbound... Shared by: Snowboarder Mag Read Article...

Hcsc 2013 Session 5 Recap

Snowboarding News: | Thursday August 08, 2013

HCSC 2013: Session 5 RecapHuntington Beach, CA USA (Thu, 08 Aug 2013 02:06:25 -0700) – Featuring: Jaeger Bailey, Mike Ravelson, Bode Merrill, Deadlung, Scott Stevens, Spencer Schubert, Justin Bennee, Bode Merrill, Randy Vannurden, Sage Kotsenburg, Vinny, Pat Bridges, Richie Conklin, Marie Hucal, Max Warbington, Garrett Warnick, Andrew Aldri Shared by: Read Article...

Videograss Session At High Cascade And The Last Ones Premiere

Snowboarding News: Ashbury Eyewear | Friday July 26, 2013

Every year Videograss has a signature session at High Cascade. It’s fun and a bunch of the VG dudes get together. Here are some photos from the session and the premiere. On arrival day Joe Sexton had a handstand contest with the campers. Justin Meyer giving me a run down on the... Shared by: Ashbury Eyewear Read Article...

Marie Hucals Camp Pro Tips

Snowboarding News: Rome | Thursday May 30, 2013

Since Marie Hucal is a seasoned veteran of packing for snowboard camp, she put together this packing list to make sure you've got all the bases covered this summer. Shared by: Rome Read Article...

Visits And Visitors

Snowboarding News: Ashbury Eyewear | Monday April 29, 2013

This is Boos. They make awesome Philly Cheesesteaks and are right down the street from the Emporium. Cole Linzmeyer and Rich enjoying lunch. Mike looks like he’s eating something alive… Jose Magra, Jesse Paul, and the nicest girl you’ll ever meet, Marie Hucal. Network A’s Eddie Grams and Videograss’ Riley Erickson talking camera... Shared by: Ashbury Eyewear Read Article...

Ashbury Demo Laps

Snowboarding News: Ashbury Eyewear | Friday April 12, 2013

A couple of laps and lens splashes before the demo at Bear Mountain. Riders in order of appearance: Ben Bilocq, Austin Leonard, Cameron Strand, Marie Hucal, Brandon Phillips, Jake Kuzyk, Jordan Small, and Durell Williams. Shared by: Ashbury Eyewear Read Article...

Ashbury Demo Photos

Snowboarding News: Ashbury Eyewear | Thursday April 11, 2013

Our very own Rich Dodds took our 60D up to the demo and shot some photos. Here we have Billy Campbell in all his glory. Thousands of dollars right there. Cameron Strand doesn’t know if he’s a snowboarder or skateboard photographer these days… but looks like he’s doing both pretty... Shared by: Ashbury Eyewear Read Article...

Checking In With Marie Hucal

Snowboarding News: Rome | Wednesday March 27, 2013

Marie Hucal checking in with a sweet combination camping and shred trip to ride some of the same hills where Snurfing was born out in Michigan. Check it out! Shared by: Rome Read Article...

The Shred Remains Is Available Now On ITunes

Snowboarding News: Ron Faverty | Monday October 10, 2011

The Shred Remains is available now on iTunes! Give it a download, and watch it today while you pretend to bepaying attention in class, or doing actual work at your job.Featuring riding from LNP, MFR, Bjorn Leines, Johnny Lazz, Lucas Debari, Will Lavigne, Stale Sandbech, Rusty Ockenden,Marie Hucal, and the... Shared by: Ron Faverty Read Article...

Snowboarder Video Magazine Episode 1 Mt Hood Late June

Snowboarding News: Snowboarder Mag | Wednesday November 30, -0001

Welcome to the first episode of SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine, a bi-monthly digital digest that strives to educate and entertain those individuals who view snowboarding as not just a pastime, but the pastime of their lives. The same emphasis on cutting edge action and gritty content that has made SNOWBOARDER a... Shared by: Snowboarder Mag Read Article...

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